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  1. Because it makes absolutely no sense to say that the person at plane 1 is in an area in plane 0. If we are at position (3444, 4443) is that the same as (3444, 4444)? No because they are not the same position. Why would we ignore the 3rd dimension?
  2. Learning the api is fairly simple. Just look at some open source scripts, see what they are doing then apply what you learn there to your own scripts.
  3. Jesus dude. There is no gui for the script. You enter the shit in when you are selecting the script from the start script menu.
  4. Yea if you spent 10 seconds reading the first line of the thread along with having above 75 iq, you would be able to figure it out.
  5. create your own script that emulates the script queue with your own scripts
  6. If you're switching from nodes to "a binary tree framework" at least use a damn framework right away... You could use this tutorial to step through your code to see what is not giving the expected results and why. And just an fyi, things like make-x interface id, npc and object ids and probably the jewelry crafting interface as well change just about every update.
  7. You haven't submitted human mouse data so you aren't going to have a key. Just ignore it.
  8. Nodes take care of conditionals just fine as long as you correctly code the logic in. Also 3rd party libs or jars cannot be added to the repository so you would have to add the take the source code for that to add it if you did.
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