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  1. plase fix whitescreen on the map, this is my fave walker :S
  2. so i just found out if you have pending purchases in ge the bot will wait for it to buy untill it hits the 30min nothing happened log out and then it stops the script. example i set my ge to buy a 3rd age mage top for 1m gp (duh not likely to happen) but i just let it sit there, then today when i was runnnin zul it went to restock saw the 1mgp 3rd age and said nah fam we waitin till this buys out, it doesnt, 30 min passes it dces
  3. i have been using the bot for a while np but i was wondering if there was a way i could set my breaking to do what i normaly would say hour on hour off with randoms for 10hr a day then take a break for 14hrs then repeat. making the account hands free
  4. yay no more running past and back to the mounds? lol oh can you change version numbers in script, it hasnt changed in forever.
  5. are you using a necklace with charges like a glory? the gear setup sees changes in charges as a whole new item, making you not have "your set" on if you use a charge or put the wrong charge quantity item on.
  6. basement completely broken for me now. my toon now stands in the middle of the room and dies when it goes into basement, runs back and repeat
  7. this fix this also fixes the outside hallways of the basement bug where ur toon stands at the door and gets zergedto death by kc mobs
  8. http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Warriors'_Guild
  9. Ive used half my trial and just noticed when the iron legs get destroyed toon just stands at the animator and never gets a new pair of legs.
  10. ive been able to spoof profits like this before by pausing the script and getting gear from bank or hitting ge real quick.
  11. could you add casting high alch?
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