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  1. The bot is running very slowly, switches are delayed, the prayer switches are delayed, I can't even switch my gear in time for jad phase, so i'm just standing tehre switching prays without attacking it.. I upgraded my computer and now it's running even slower. Haven'ted used this bot in a two months, it used to run great, now that i'm botting again, it's running like crap and can barely get a kill.
  2. is it possible for you to setup a way you can put your tele runes in a rune pouch (as long as you dont use veng) so when you tele to catherby or port khazard it doesn't have to waste 10-15 secs pulling out new runes after every banking trip?
  3. Got permabanned for botting for like 350 kills in 50 hours with no breaks besides turning the bot off for only a couple hours a few times. Didn't use looking glass either. Decided to try again on my other account, currently at 800 killcount all botted, setup 20min+ breaks every hour through 1 and a half hours, hopped worlds every 30ish minutes, and used looking glass. They definitely know what to look for with this bot by now but if you do it smart you will decrease your chances of getting caught.
  4. austinbristow1

    Human Mouse Implementation

    do i still need to do the 600 clicks thing or dose it automatically do it for you?