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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skype live:nettunoservice_1 Discord NeTTuno#9688 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- TERM OF SERVICE * We guarantee a 100% manual service: No BOTS OR MACROS, which can be harmful to your account, will be used. * We don't use any 3rd party software and we are not responsible for your account in event of you getting banned. * After your have paid me you must give me your login, password, bank pin. * You must not change password and must not login during the service, doing so will result in a void service with no Refund. * Please have the necessary quest items prepared, or have some gold in your account so our employees could buy the items needed. * Pm me on Skype at live:nettunoservice_1 or Discord NeTTuno#9688 and Always ask for a pm on the forums to avoid imposters. * After our services are complete you Must change your account password, comment in this thread that the service was complete and leave feedback.
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