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  1. ApexPredator18

    [ABC2] USA's Tab Maker [400K/HR+][ALL TABS/METHODS]

    USA did you read my bug report??
  2. ApexPredator18

    [ABC2] USA's Tab Maker [400K/HR+][ALL TABS/METHODS]

    Can you please update it its been 5 days now and i cant use this script
  3. when its setting up auto chat for the seller it keeps clicking set-up and doesnt type anything in EDIT: it also wont accept trade:( PLEASE fix this no one is selling games and i could be rich right now
  4. ApexPredator18

    [ABC2] USA's Tab Maker [400K/HR+][ALL TABS/METHODS]

    TO HOUSE: Yanille TO BANK: walking (yanille) TABLET: House USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: True USE SERVANT: False Issue(s) Experienced: When it goes to enter the friend's name for the house it doesn't type anything and keeps clicking the portal, clicking join friend's house, and repeats.
  5. ApexPredator18

    [ABC2] USA's Tab Maker [400K/HR+][ALL TABS/METHODS]

    hey usa i started botting walked away from my computer for 15 minutes and when i came back it was just standing there half way between the portal and the bank in yanille. I waited to see what would happen and it was still at the same spot 5 minutes later. Can you make a small update with the walking part? my settings were: -tab: house -banking: yanille -house: yannile -friends house: (yes) -use servant: (no)
  6. ApexPredator18

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Hey just bought the script yesterday and i love it! There's just one thing that will make it a little bit more realistic; can u make the bot turn the camera to the right angle when clicking on the next obstacle? Thanks!
  7. It's working fine but it has a lot of trouble clicking on the zammy mage. It constantly tries to click of it but misses; then the mage starts moving which doesnt help at all. Fix please
  8. I tried selling games and it keeps right clicking Dominic onion and clicking on dream and repeats doing that? Did i set up the gui wrong or is this a bug?
  9. Hey can u explain what the bot debug is to me i wanna help when i notice problems and bugs
  10. Sounds good to me! Can't wait for my full void; i hope my 30 days isnt about to run out! lol