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  1. So what's the best way to use multiple clients with a different proxy? other bots has free feature in enabling proxy i dont wanna pay shit for only 1 single feature aswell i will use f2p goldfarming massively
  2. This isn't made in c# is this? Coz it's not even .net dependency checked it? nice crypter
  3. Could it be possible, if I make shortcuts on tribot_loader, for example tribot_loader1, tribot_loader2 and proxy them? just like an .exe
  4. Yes I will offer, if I'll get an idea how to run multiple accounts using a lot of proxies, on widecap, profixier or other tools without using that tribot feature.
  5. I used widecap, and tried to drag .jar to it, but it's says something shortcut unsupported. ;/
  6. No money sorry, im using like different 4 bots for now. Some bots have better free scripts, some not.
  7. Yeah, but I don't have money for now, I only can exchange OSRS GP for now, but if you still don't mind tell me another way, you are good guy.
  8. Not very nice to buy a VIP, because there's a lot of bot forums where you can purschase vip/premium etc, not worth if u poor l0l
  9. Well, it's only a Tribot feature, doesn't shows any bigger h4x setup, like with profixier etc.
  10. If you got any suggestions, please share below with your knowledge! Also I will help you BOT, and make you free Gold!
  11. Hello, I need help splitting Bot's through profixier or any software you know simillar to it, I already have a a lot of private proxy's with auth, it is fresh and working perfectly. Just need a little help, with splitting accounts, I don't use tribot feature proxy, not so noob at all* I am using Bitvise SSH Client for now and profixier aswell. If anyone knows any good software where you can split accounts in different proxies please share below in comments! I will appreciate very much! Best Regards, Toxic Hacker ^^
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