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  1. Anyone else experiencing high ban rates at Trawler? 3/3 accounts banned right after finishing? @Encoded Any updates for trawler coming up?
  2. OddsBrah

    Universal Fisher

    @Einstein Script doesnt drop the fish when inventory full. Instead it goes to bank regardless if the settings is set to "Drop"
  3. @wastedbro I also experienced where it would log out sometimes when its in combat. I think after 20 mins or something if you dont click it doesnt auto retaliate and it will log out.
  4. @wastedbro When buying stuff at g.e it just opens and closes the g.e tab doesnt buy.
  5. Got banned on 24 accounts today all were over 20M+ fishing xp. I guess mods are really cracking down on minnows Was a good run... Anyone else experience any bans?
  6. @Encoded Minnows doesnt work anymore. When you start script it says this: [12:29:52] Starting client. [12:32:28] Downloading script 'Auto Fisher Pro'. [12:32:30] Script Started: Auto Fisher Pro. [12:32:34] Login bot started. [12:32:34] Login Bot: Login... [12:32:48] Login bot succeeded. [12:32:56] Auto Fisher Pro Script: [CRITICAL] Please start the script on the minnow platform. [12:33:16] Script Ended: Auto Fisher Pro.
  7. OddsBrah

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Is this ever going to be fixed or what?
  8. OddsBrah

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    I think the CLI starter broke with the recent Tribot update. Can it be updated please <3 @erickho123
  9. Looks like they are cracking down. Got banned on 3 fishers since yesterday. All were 99 fishing i think doing minnows.
  10. Dont know why but has anyone noticed an increase in bans? Got 3 banned yesterday and 3 today... 3 today were 99 fishers with 14M+ xp @Encoded
  11. @Encoded Maybe make it idle for a bit when its close to full activity bar and also if its bailing only then maybe put a random reaction time between each bail just like for minnow fishing.
  12. You got banned because you created them all and trained them on the same IP. Most likely they got flagged when you were hand training for 20 hours. The accounts need to be created on the proxy and botted on the proxy to prevent chainban.
  13. @Encoded Maybe also let it get full activity bar sometimes and afk for a min or two until it needs to get more activity aswell? So its not a constant predetermined activity level. It can switch up between full and afk + what you currently have. So basically a random reaction time?