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  1. TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    I think the CLI starter broke with the recent Tribot update. Can it be updated please <3 @erickho123
  2. Looks like they are cracking down. Got banned on 3 fishers since yesterday. All were 99 fishing i think doing minnows.
  3. @Flax Mine was right after update. Had like 8 bans in last 2 days..
  4. Dont know why but has anyone noticed an increase in bans? Got 3 banned yesterday and 3 today... 3 today were 99 fishers with 14M+ xp @Encoded
  5. @Encoded Maybe make it idle for a bit when its close to full activity bar and also if its bailing only then maybe put a random reaction time between each bail just like for minnow fishing.
  6. You got banned because you created them all and trained them on the same IP. Most likely they got flagged when you were hand training for 20 hours. The accounts need to be created on the proxy and botted on the proxy to prevent chainban.
  7. @Encoded Maybe also let it get full activity bar sometimes and afk for a min or two until it needs to get more activity aswell? So its not a constant predetermined activity level. It can switch up between full and afk + what you currently have. So basically a random reaction time?
  8. @Flax Yes, I am using separate proxies and some bans are delayed aswell because 6 of my minnows got banned a few days after it started fishing minnows while the older ones are still alive. Which means minnow isnt flagged but trawler. Its kinda obvious it wud be since there is only 1 world and its not hard to spot who is a bot and who is not.
  9. @Encoded Im not sure but I dont think it will continue the game if the net remains broken. But for sure the net has to be fixed by the time the game ends. Also another thing: If you are soloing the leaks happen less often and the net breaks less often. So I think it would be a good idea to just bring ropes and continuously fixing the net as it breaks in solo mode. That would also mean that the script would have to support banking for more ropes or buying from general store.
  10. @Encoded For fishing trawler implement the ability to do solo mode like in this video. Where it fills leaks and fixes net also. This would allow the ability to bot in other worlds beside 370 where we are currently limited to and most of the reports/ban take place.
  11. @Encoded Is it possible to put some more antiban into the trawler? I think thats where all the bans are coming from. Aswell as getting 1-82 fishing.
  12. I put 10 through trawler and only 4 survived and then 2 days after 2 of those 4 got banned fishing trout
  13. @Encoded Most of my older accounts are alive but anything made within the last 2 weeks is practically banned. No clue why. Maybe the process with 1-82 fishing + trawler gets the account flagged?
  14. Insanely high ban rates everyday tbh. Got banned 2 accounts each day this week fishing trout/salmon, Yesterday 2 accounts at Minnows, Today 6 accounts at minnows. Not sure but I think Jagex has possibly flagged the script. Lost about 1/2 my accounts but 1/2 my accounts are running strong so no clue.