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  1. I did read the documentation, and watched the video aswell. -i run the client as fixed all the time, i never play resizable. So does this basically mean that I have to wait for LG to be fixed before i can use the script with lg?
  2. Hey @Worthy im using your zulrah script. and when i click grab equipment it basically puts the items in but transparent like it actually shows images of the surrounding and not the gear its self, im using LG at the moment, is this why ? do i need to wait for a update? or am i doing something wrong here?
  3. Guys I just had to run a program to fix java or something and it works now, really weird, i still do the same things as i used to but now it actually works.. that program i ran saved my ass. thanks everyone for helping me
  4. I guess if anyone could teamviewer help me would be better? if anyone wants to please PM me ;s because i've tried everything people suggested here and im still not able to fix it.
  5. Yeah I ran osbuddy first, then tribot. and i did grant permission to the java.policy file already.
  6. Then you assume that this means fixed?
  7. I posted the screenshot above It's 32 bits.
  8. There's nothing with that name in my task manager. nvm found it, it's 32 bits.
  9. http://prntscr.com/fyjx2q cant see if it's 32 bit or 64.
  10. Still not working. no client found rs client is open in explorer: http://prntscr.com/fyjvs0
  11. I tried running runescape in firefox, but it doesn't load for me. and im not sure why.
  12. the thing is that i dont use osbuddy, i use the normal client. that's why i need 32 bit jdk, because the normal client is 32bit aswell.
  13. Ill try this but it probably won't work ;s
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