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  1. buying 1 bond discussing on live chat with joe
  2. chatting on livechat now. buyign bonds.
  3. Lol 20 minutes... it takes 10 at most if your efficient.
  4. Still for Sale. Always selling.
  5. Vouch for Bogla and his worker Muffy
  6. buying 2 bonds chatting to Muffy on live chat
  7. 100k+ bulks. And yes Joe, it is quite easy, it just takes some time. I unfortunately don't use any merching scripts or spend alot of time on RS myself so I am offering the glass to somebody else who does. Sorry M8.
  8. Looking to get 230 per, can easily be merched at 250 per. Pm me.
  9. Camelot Varrock Lumbridge and Falador bulks for sale. Pm me to arrange a tasty deal.
  10. mizar92

    Credit Refund

    I think hes being incredibly reasonable, given he is happy to have a 5$ donator title. If he spent the money and didn't get any credits he should be reimbursed somehow.
  11. Hi starfox, I sent you a pm regarding a potential purchase of this script several days ago. Could you please get back to me whenever you see this Thanks matey, hope your xmas and ny were cool!
  12. Happening to me also right now. It is quite frustrating, restarted my laptop several times. Id say its a server sided issue on their end and hopefully its fixed by trilez soon! :D
  13. TY for sharing If anyone is unable to access due to not living in the U.S simply google the address of a hotel or something in the States and use that for contact deets. I am not from the US and have bought 4 dollar membership on all my farm accounts. Its cheaper than bonds currently!
  14. When did the price change from 15$ per auth/lifetime to 8 dollars a month lol.
  15. mizar92

    YoHoJo's Feedback

    Sold me a bond for 07gp last night. Always a pleasure to deal with
  16. Sorted. A mod can lock this if they would like.
  17. Willing to negotiate a price for someone to make a working script that withdraws clay from the bank, casts humidify, deposits soft clay and repeats the process. The only script on the repository (CouldNines Humidifier) that did this is broken as of a few days ago. PM me if interested.
  18. Alot of scripts that use spells arent working after the update. Not sure if its the scripters job or trilez to fix.
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