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  1. Pretty funny. On a serious note, hopefully someone can help me understand. If someone's goal is glory in killing boaty, why would they cheat to do so? Seems counter-intuitive to me. With his fame, any glory from killing him would be immediately dissolved as he would immediately inform his viewers of the ddos.
  2. Derp edit Make sure you have JDK installed. Also, right click the .jar and run it with java.
  3. Have you tried choosing java? If it's not there, you messed something up. Be sure to install JDK.
  4. You can't be serious.
  5. You botted for 7 hours in one day using a free script. What....what the hell did you expect?
  6. You botted cows, tea stalls, master farmer and druids and are surprised you're getting banned? a;sdmklajshfadklsnakjhWHAT?
  7. A. Delayed bans B. ...........
  8. @Travis112 Thank you for the detailed bug report. TRiLeZ will get back to you asap on that!
  9. @TacoManStan I'm aware of everything you've mentioned. There are no scripts that exist for what OP suggested. @seiv , not the OP, is the person who said they'd like variants of already available scripts.
  10. Why what ever do you mean, good sir?
  11. I doubt there would be a noticeable difference. Anyone could train the pure to 45 def with those stats easily. Fully quested the price goes up though...didn't read that part, mb
  12. This is not a question anyone will/can answer for you fully. Nobody is going to spoonfeed you their methods. Figure it out yourself.
  13. I have to agree with assume for #1. Prices would not be sustainable. As for the rest, yeah we really need those. The clue solver has been done before, don't see why it couldn't be done again. Farming script would have to be the big one. Looks like erick has abandoned his, so there's a shot at a monopoly for whoever decides to write one. Plants have a static growth time so I don't see why the loss of tracking supposedly means no farming scripts.
  14. @HelloAlex You having an "opinion" doesn't mean anything. It's a fact. UP TO a month. Not one month every single time.