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  1. zawmbee

    Later, gators

    @Butta You've botted sessions similar to that 37 hour proggy regularly for 7 months? If so, well done, you've proven me wrong.
  2. zawmbee

    Later, gators

    @Butta Seems you want an argument. I don't. I'd much rather know if I'm wrong, so I'll ask: how old is that account?
  3. zawmbee

    Later, gators

    @Enano25 I've gotten what I want out of TRiBot. I'm getting out while I'm ahead. I'll probably be back at some point once I need some spare cash or the desire just hits me.
  4. zawmbee

    Later, gators

    No primary accounts banned, just a few testers and suicide bots. Managed to get over 15 accounts quite highly leveled with many 99s. Also maxed my main. Time to cash out on the accounts and spend it all on crack and hookers. Tips for not getting banned: Do some quests - c'mon.Reports actually matter, herpaderp. Do your best to avoid them.Analyze your own gameplay and play times. Tweak your settings & breaks to match. Are you in college? You work 9-5? Well then, you should know when not to bot!The people saying they bot 24/7 or whatever ridiculous number of hours are not the brightest bulbs. If you ask, almost all of the time they'll tell you they've only been doing it a few weeks or a month. JaGeX employs delayed bans, folks. 5srs.LG avoids client detection. That's pretty much it. The client has been detected, what, a handful of times in its' entire life? Don't flip your shit over which to use and just think about whether or not you can accept taking the small risk of client detection. I do have to say though, TRiBot needs serious work in some departments. Premium script standards are a joke. What's allowed to stay up for sale truly shocks me. There are also far too many scripters with some serious attitude issues (even some staff). Simply put, TRiBot is not a friendly environment. Thanks for all the good times and laughs, fellas.
  5. Pretty funny. On a serious note, hopefully someone can help me understand. If someone's goal is glory in killing boaty, why would they cheat to do so? Seems counter-intuitive to me. With his fame, any glory from killing him would be immediately dissolved as he would immediately inform his viewers of the ddos.
  6. Derp edit Make sure you have JDK installed. Also, right click the .jar and run it with java.
  7. Have you tried choosing java? If it's not there, you messed something up. Be sure to install JDK.
  8. zawmbee

    holiday event bot

    You can't be serious.
  9. You botted for 7 hours in one day using a free script. What....what the hell did you expect?
  10. @Travis112 Thank you for the detailed bug report. TRiLeZ will get back to you asap on that!
  11. @TacoManStan I'm aware of everything you've mentioned. There are no scripts that exist for what OP suggested. @seiv , not the OP, is the person who said they'd like variants of already available scripts.
  12. Why what ever do you mean, good sir?
  13. This is not a question anyone will/can answer for you fully. Nobody is going to spoonfeed you their methods. Figure it out yourself.
  14. I have to agree with assume for #1. Prices would not be sustainable. As for the rest, yeah we really need those. The clue solver has been done before, don't see why it couldn't be done again. Farming script would have to be the big one. Looks like erick has abandoned his, so there's a shot at a monopoly for whoever decides to write one. Plants have a static growth time so I don't see why the loss of tracking supposedly means no farming scripts.
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