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  1. hiding your inventory, but not total exp, yiiiiiiikes
  2. OVH (Soyoustart) are solid. If you are based in US there are probably some other great alternatives.
  3. Stay away from Virmach, worst service I have used, get a dedi, same price, can run 5 times more bots.
  4. Private scripts are ment to be designed for your need, not to lower banrates, thats just marketing.
  5. Afaik, Tribot client hasn't been detected since 2014. Jagex's anticheat specialists are uncapable of detecting bot clients and client detection is what its supposed to bypass.
  6. Dont use LG; best advice anyone will ever give you.
  7. I already offered Gods 400 for a copy paste, my budget for a fresh one made is alot alot more.
  8. My budget is fine, you want 500 for a copy paste of your Orb script, I offered you 400 so we have not come an agreement, I'm looking at alot more than 400 for a non copy paste, 400 was what I deem worth for a copy paste of your current script + muler/restocker.
  9. That button only works every /24 hr
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