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  1. thanks for the advice. much appreciated.
  2. Oh, I know. I won't sell it here. Wow $70 is nothing! EDIT: The ban meter is not halfway. Do you think the next ban will be perm?
  3. erick, what do you think the account is worth? =)
  4. Gahh. seriously?? Look at those stats! RC!
  5. ^ Sold to the highest bidder. JK please give a serious appraisal =)
  6. What is my account worth? (OSRS) I plan to sell it on Player Auctions. - 97 Runecrafting - 99 fletching and hunter - 10M bank - Great Ranged Tank Stats Has 1 black mark for minor botting. Status meter is 1/4 or 1/5 filled. (NOTE: this account is not for sale. That would be against TriBot rules.)
  7. I'm trying to load RS3 to accept bonds on my accounts. When I'm using my home IP, I can load the game with no problems. Yet when I try to use one of my proxies, RS3 white screens when it tries to load. These proxies are configured correctly, because I can load web pages on them. I've re-installed java, but no success. Do you know how to fix this "white screen" issue?
  8. Got no stakes for the past 6 hours. Just my luck. Should've made a pure instead of a lvl 80 def noob with 1 prayer
  9. Happy B-Day and stop smoltering that Mary Jane