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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it so much, gonna send you a message to get you that bond.
  2. I think there's something wrong with your setup if it's ALL. Do you play in fixed mode or widescreen mode for your client?
  3. How do you determine what to pray next through script?
  4. Update 2: Fixed the issue where it stops when the bellows are empty. Script should run longer Trying to figure out why it uses bellows on the toad. I've yet to see it do that but investigating.
  5. Edit: I see the issue. Working on it. Questions: How many bellows do you keep in your inventory? Are you running your game in Fixed mode?
  6. Looking forward to GUI's mate. The older tutorials use NetBeans. What program will you be using?
  7. Quality Scripts. I studied a few of your open source scripts when I was learning. Impressive the work you've put in!
  8. That definitely confused me at first too. Fortunately it's all not too pricey.
  9. This thread is an effing life saver. Especially this piece here. Bless you TrileZ.
  10. Hows it going! I'm new to the tribot community and recently released my first script at the beginning of the month, Pures Chompy Hunter. Please check it out, I've been looking for feedback but however I've received none. But I have like 7 users so far so yay! I'm in the process of developing a Rogues Den runner which I plan to have out in the next 2 weeks or so. Currently 30% or so complete. But I would love some community support and feedback. When I finish the script (which as of now will definitely be a free script) would anyone like to be one of the first to try it and give me feedback? Possibly just a beta testing period for the first week. Also what are some other scripts you guys would like to see? I'm always browsing the Requests section and creating a list for future projects because scripting is so much fun. 9/28/17 UPDATE: I've been busy with school, but Script is about 70% complete. Unsure of when it will be available. Feedback might motivate me to work faster tho..Demo below. Working towards making this flawless. 12/17/17: Dead due to lack of interest.
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