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  1. Its my understanding that the Xbox One is running 8gb of GDDR3 while the PS4 is running 8gb of DDR5 DDR5 is much better.. it also runs very hot which is why you only see it in GPU's... they require heatsink and fans... but I guess the PS4 is handling all of that? info: DDR5 512mb runs about as well as DDR3 1gb in the nvidia geforce 440 cards..
  2. Dymatize elite gourmet cookies and cream or mocha
  3. HIIT & Good diet. Then start adding weights in and cut back on the HIIT when you are satisfied with your bf%
  4. DaFuq?
  5. Some advice to lower BF% Exercise when you are trying to cut fat - moderate if your doing it everyday or intense (like insanity) if you are doing it every other day. When you are at a high calorie deficit, you need to take it easier. Diet consists of approximately 25% whole grains - whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice etc... (easy on the sauce, or go plain and bland with nothing) 35% steamed or cooked vegetables. Low salt. You can add some ginger garlic paste for spice and flavor. 20% fresh vegetable juice with added fruit (juicer) or fruit on the side. up to 10% nuts. If you're not eating nuts then more fruit or vegetable juice. The remaining 10% should be lean meats You can tweak the percentages a little bit. I prefer 20% whole grain and add onto lean meats because I tend to do high intensity workouts. No, you don't need dairy. The vegetables should take care of all calcium and potassium needs. Small amount of meats should take care of the B vitamins and you could always multivitamin. This way you can eat 1500 kcal and still feel full all day. --------to many of you focus on macronutrients, you forget about micronutrients and phytochemicals.---------------