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  1. Its my understanding that the Xbox One is running 8gb of GDDR3 while the PS4 is running 8gb of DDR5 DDR5 is much better.. it also runs very hot which is why you only see it in GPU's... they require heatsink and fans... but I guess the PS4 is handling all of that? info: DDR5 512mb runs about as well as DDR3 1gb in the nvidia geforce 440 cards..
  2. I'll go 275 gp ea for 100k
  3. I'll just be posting things that I need at any given time on this thread. I will keep an update on what and how much I need. You may post offers, PM me or Contact my skype: Sunny.p6 Serious offers only please. ---------------------------------------- Current Needs ---------------------------------------- Law runes: 100k Clay: 100k ----------------------------------- 7-6-13 -------------------------------------
  4. Oh shit... My bad. I Haven't slept in hours. Can a Mod please move this? On second thought.. can this just be deleted?
  5. Offers? Post here... Pm or add me on skype: sunny.p6 Still need Laws: 100k @ 265 ea Clay: 100k @ 70-80 ea I'm buying constantly, so yeah.
  6. I'll go 265 ea on the laws
  7. I'll go all for 70gp ea.. their going for way less than 100gp ea right now.
  8. 40k
  9. title says it all offers? I'm thinking 250-260 ea.. Don't offer me anything less than 5k laws.....
  10. Dymatize elite gourmet cookies and cream or mocha
  11. 15k cammy tabs 900 ea?
  12. PM me with time, place, and your username.. I'll contact you in game.
  13. 40k laws 10m? (250 ea)
  14. Goosey.. I'll be making more tabs today. keep in touch Updated stock
  15. Yeah... I need a long term seller. Not paying full price either... I was buying from zybez at 120..