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  1. Try downloading a fresh tribot loader jar file.
  2. Yea what frank said and ease on the agility.
  3. I would think getting approved shouldn't take too long. Is there any news on the time you guys can release the prayer update?
  4. Smelled the bait as well eh? I wouldn't be surprised if one of data it sends to "data scientists" is your osrs mobile login details.
  5. That extra second you're gonna spend turning that pray off down there could be the difference between getting burned for +-18 pray too.
  6. I've done it hours ago and flicking still persists even after doing so.
  7. Is this currently running for you guys? Mine is flicking prayers on and off.
  8. I am sorry I dont think we are understanding each other. I will say this in the simplest way. Start with one bot. If that bot survives then add more. I won't be responding anymore since talking to someone who doesn't speak english is too difficult for me.
  9. So a chain ban didn't occur. Only tip I could give you for now is to start slow. Start with fewer accounts then if its going well thats the time you add more.
  10. I sure am glad my fairy is safe. Forgive me I am bored there's not much to do when you bot.
  11. There were 25 lines to pick from instead of just 23. I demand a re-raffle! ?
  12. mike9021

    10 credit giveaway

    This is why I bot. I can't even win with a 1/31 odds fml.
  13. Prayers are fixed as long as they check the developer release checkbox at the tribot launcher before starting the client.
  14. I am oblivious to this because this doesn't usually pass by my eyes since I automate almost everything and only touch the computer twice. First on running a program to launch all clients and second to run scripts.
  15. Found it nvm. I autolaunch everything so my eyes don't usually pass by these options. Is this mode just as safe as the regular mode?
  16. Found it. For those who do not know you just click the checkbox located on the launcher of Tribot. Fixed prayer problems for me. I am fairly new to this mode but is it just as safe as running Tribot on a non developer mode?
  17. Can you teach us how to enter this developer mode or perhaps direct us to a page on how to do this?
  18. I thought he meant work with the current release of Tribot which is 10.14_0. Can you give me the general idea of how do I enter this developer mode or give me a link of a guide on how to do this? I can't seem to find anything about it other than just some people mentioning it.
  19. It's really hard to work with the release since it flicks the prayer which is counter intuitive to what it's being used for. It's used to prevent all/most damage but with the current state it's removing only half which is enough to kill most players who need it activated. Is there an ETA for these fixes?
  20. I try to not ask myself this because tribot has done a great deal of service for me but in times like this I find myself wondering about it as well. They have been really quiet. I do not wish them to divulge their methods seeing as how it could be countered by Jagex but even a simple/vague explanation as to why and what's going on would be an immense relief.
  21. We know that you guys have your lives to live as well and so do we but is it too much to ask for your attention every thursday? We anticipate this updates that may break scripts but why are the actions to fix taking too long to happen? Is Jagex catching up to you guys? In about 75 hours another update would be coming again which might break scripts once again and yet the prayer which is a fundamental ability to use in this game still hasn't been fixed. Please respond on the queries about the bugs because I really wish to know if you guys are working on it or is it just us that are experiencing it. It confuses me how an update would be pushed saying prayer is fixed but immediately upon updating many people including myself still see it broken.
  22. mike9021

    2 day ban

    Stop tryna be fancy and just use the term we all understand which is RWT.
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