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  1. mike9021


    When you are a noob the stores always tell you that thats just how it is. Eventually you learn that you could download it and install it yourself just like any software and turn off updates and edit registry to get rid of the pesky windows is not genuine popups. As for me I ask the guy who assembles the pc to do it for a few bucks.
  2. mike9021

    TRiBot Release 10.2_0 / 10.3_0

    Happening to me as well. At 10.2_0 my only problem was the banking that it was inputting x amount to be withdrawn too fast but after 10.3_0 banking was fixed but script now stops midway of tasks.
  3. mike9021

    TRiBot Release 10.2_0 / 10.3_0

    @TRiLeZ @Encoded inputting amount of items is too fast after pressing withdraw x amount of items. Please add longer delay between after pressing withdraw x item and inputting number of item to be withdrawn. Since it is too fast the number goes into the chatbox instead of withdrawing the x amount.
  4. Thats nice, will definitely be trying this soon.
  5. @godspower33 yes and maybe I could also add players who couldnt attack me because of level difference.
  6. @godspower33 will it be possible for you to add a feature for the script to not hop upon seeing certain pker/pkers?
  7. mike9021

    TRiBot Release 9.400_2

    I have been running for months and this is the first time a minimized client with no account logged in and no script running consumes 14% of my cpu usage it has always averaged around 4% only. Not even disabling graphics would help. My paint delay has always been the same 20ms and I need it that way for the scripts I run. I have added a picture of the cpu usage of my clients. The first three are running around killing npcs etc, and the highlighted fourth one is a freshly launched minimized client(no running script and no logged in account). This wasn't the case before the update. I need this to be the way it used to before because I need my cpu usage to run other accounts while some of them are on a break. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. mike9021

    TRiBot Release 9.400_2

    @TRiLeZ I used to be able to minimize clients and reduce my cpu usage to about 1/3 of what it would be when it is open/visible in desktop, but now it has the same cpu usage for every client even when it is minimized. Is there a fix on this problem? Is anyone else here having the same problem?
  9. mike9021

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Thank you, excellent customer support as usual.
  10. mike9021

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    It's working fine for me with the latest update. Try restarting your pc.
  11. mike9021

    TRiBot Release 9.311_1

    I second this. Please fix bank booth clicking problem. Mouse just hovers on booths over and over without clicking.
  12. mike9021

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    Oh yeah its working fine, im sorry problem was probably on my side. Thank you for checking.
  13. mike9021

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    Trilez' update fixed the withdrawal of items problem but the items arent combining when they are in the inventory.
  14. mike9021

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    Thank you so much. Will do.
  15. mike9021

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    It has happened to me on multiple occassions already. Please do add the disable walk feature. Thank you.