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  1. Try downloading a fresh tribot loader jar file.
  2. Yea what frank said and ease on the agility.
  3. There is no set formula but there is a way to estimate based on my experience. The way to do this is check the benchmark of your current cpu and whichever score it has would be your reference as to how many game clients another cpu could run. Ex. Your current cpu scores 3000 on a cpu benchmarking site and core i9 9900k scores 9000 then i9 would be able to run about thrice as much as your current cpu.
  4. I would think getting approved shouldn't take too long. Is there any news on the time you guys can release the prayer update?
  5. Smelled the bait as well eh? I wouldn't be surprised if one of data it sends to "data scientists" is your osrs mobile login details.
  6. That extra second you're gonna spend turning that pray off down there could be the difference between getting burned for +-18 pray too.
  7. I've done it hours ago and flicking still persists even after doing so.
  8. Is this currently running for you guys? Mine is flicking prayers on and off.
  9. I am sorry I dont think we are understanding each other. I will say this in the simplest way. Start with one bot. If that bot survives then add more. I won't be responding anymore since talking to someone who doesn't speak english is too difficult for me.
  10. So a chain ban didn't occur. Only tip I could give you for now is to start slow. Start with fewer accounts then if its going well thats the time you add more.
  11. Sorry about your loss bud. Out of curiosity, were all these ran on different proxies?
  12. I sure am glad my fairy is safe. Forgive me I am bored there's not much to do when you bot.
  13. There were 25 lines to pick from instead of just 23. I demand a re-raffle!
  14. This is why I bot. I can't even win with a 1/31 odds fml.
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