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  1. @iFluffee Still same issue? And does that issue prevent from the bot(s) from working properly?
  2. When will it world hop? Only after it dies/atked by pker, or progressively or both?
  3. Since when does Lumbridge have a SEA???
  4. Thank you. I dont know if I did a mistake but the autolevel changing did not work. It stayed on men till level 15
  5. SomMC

    rs mobile

    A nice TRiBot mobile bot would be appreciated;)
  6. Cute 4 hour proggie from last night, with breaks ofc: http://imgur.com/a/bdnoT
  7. SomMC

    One month auths

    Rip you misunderstood what was meant by the monthly auth and you got fucked badly
  8. @Aropupu Twice I had an issue where the bot clicked on Confuse instead of high alch and the bot panicked and was stuck until I unclicked the Confuse spell
  9. @YoHoJo @iFluffee I restarted the client twice and the third time I opened it, the combat scripts with the monsters were all in the list. Thank you very much for the solution. I appreciate it very much. I consider this case closed. For any other people struggling, the posts above offer the solutions. Thank you very much
  10. @YoHoJo I tried doing so but no success. What do you mean loading TRiBot all the way twice? Thank you
  11. What method does the script use for autochanging till master farmers @Druid Im lvl 9 and still on men
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