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  1. Hi, It just takes time for us to receive the payment from coinpayments. I see your order has been delivered in the meantime. Thanks for the purchase.
  2. Hey! Sorry for late response. Best to ask our prices via our live chat because our prices change almost hourly.
  3. As you can see we told him to trade 35M only. 1. It's written in our trading command that we can ask you to trade our customers directly. 2. We asked him to trade 35M to our customer (just once), which we confirmed so he can accept. 3. He waited for confirmation on the first 35M before he accepts yet somehow doesn't wait for the other 35M and then 50M trade (50M wasn't even mentioned anywhere?). 4. This has been closed on 2 other sites as it's clearly a mistake from his side. Which i compensated 35M for. Technically we told him to sell 35M. According to him he gave 120M. I paid him 70M in total. 5. Could the rsname of my customer be removed from his chat plz?
  4. We agreed on 70M total full payment which has been sent. http://prntscr.com/lo42tx
  5. User was asked to trade 35M 07 via our live chat. Instead gave more and is blaming us for the mistake. Would like to get it removed. Trying to get a settlement for it atm. Will let him post here when we come to an agreement. - RSGM
  6. Any update on this? @Fluffee
  7. I have sent a PM to dantan and as i understand it he/she was trying to sell us gold, we told the prices we buy at and when dantan stated how much he/she was selling my agent left the chat. I have apologised if this came over as rude and have explained that the last few days we have been experiencing stormy weather in our area in which we sometimes get powerfailure (internet) for short periods of time. Everytime this happens the chat disconnects. Although the amount being sold was indeed under our minimum i know for a fact my agents wouldn't rudely leave a chat without explaining that this is below our minimum buying range (we even have a live chat shortcut specifically for this). In the event of making amends i have offered to buy the gold from dantan myself personally and will consider giving a better rate than our normal given rate. However in all fairness i still believe this does not warrant a negative feedback as solutions for resolving this can easily be made.
  8. Is there a way i could see some proof that my agent was rude? Incase the chat was closed for example during conversation that happens when my agent their net dc's and i would highly doubt that would constitute a reason for negative feedback. I'm more than willing to provide compensation to the user if she can give me proof we were indeed rude with actual intent of being so. Regards, RSGM
  10. The owner (me) at the beginning suspected everyone bubu. You know i love you.
  11. Can a mod please request that he posts or sends me in PM atleast his order ID so i can check if a trade actually happens and if so if my operator was actually rude please?
  12. I would like a second opinion on removal of my negative feedback. The feedback is based on 2 parts. My coupon system being flawed (which is untrue) and my customer service being rude. When i asked the user to give me his order ID so i can post the chatlogs so we can judge if indeed my staff team was rude, i got the response with a picture that the coupon system does work? Contradicting the first part of his feedback and this already making it a lie. Atleast that part should already be deleted because it's not true? I still didn't get his order number or any information to even state a trade ACTUALLY happened. And according to Tribot rules (seen here http://prntscr.com/iglowx) a negative feedback can only be left if a transaction actually happened. So either he posts his order id and if my staff team was indeed rude i'll take that rep damage. But untill then i would like to see some proof and not just his word taken. I think it's also convenient how he cropped out the part where it shows his username on our website so i can't even check if an actual trade happened. I checked for orders of 51M and all of them were on my other site, so i doubt a trade happened. Also the fact that it's his "opinion" i can take but this could have just been an attack to reduce my business reputation, seeing as how no proof of a trade was provided? A moderator should not base his decision on someone his words. I could also go on arcus his feedback page, and post 'bad service' and i would be able to get away with it cause it's my opinion and no one would ask for proof? Once again, if my staff member was rude then by all means i'll compensate him his FULL money back of his order so we can come to an understanding, but (just as in any forum) proof should have to be provided, no? - Kaii
  13. Hi. So the coupon did work cause u got 1M for free? I really don't understand what u mean then. Also i need your username on our website.
  14. How does it not work? And how does it push u to spend another dollar? It ads 2% over ANY amount... Why would u have to spend another dollar for it to work? And ofcourse he's gonna tell you to email the owner, i'm the owner so if u have complaints you take them up with me and not with an employee, they cannot rewrite rules or change anything site wise. Sure, tell me your username.
  15. Hi, Negative feedback is false. I don't know where he gets it from that our coupons don't work? Maybe he entered it wrong. Furthermore our staff wasn't rude at all. Does he have proof of this? - Kaii
  16. Thank you for the positive comment! Means a lot! We have BTC again in some days, not atm however :'(. Apologies!
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