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  1. FeedBack on NMZ website?

    Looks good, what are you going to use it for?
  2. Anyone Know How To Code A RsPS?

    Exactly this, there are plenty of private servers out there that have zulrah, you can practise it on there
  3. Is any script for raids?

    Would be awesome, but I doubt it
  4. question

    Yeah you will
  5. Providing free Membership to Script and devs for Rs3 acounts

    Exactly, ridiculous lol
  6. Providing free Membership to Script and devs for Rs3 acounts

    Is rs3 really THAT broken these days?
  7. Paypal

    Click on the panel below (or somewhere on the page, not 100% sure where it's placed) Purchase Credits, you'll find a panel called Paypal Panel where you can verify your paypal account, this will allow to make the Paypal option visible in the dropdown menu (where Stripe (Credit Card) is placed now).
  8. I kind of had the same problem, they don't offer refunds though. Better start posting!
  9. Paypal

    You can pay with paypal, however you need to get your paypal verified, it's pretty easy, use the Paypal verifyer panel on the Purchase Credits topic
  10. Whale Seller's Introduction

  11. Whale Seller's Introduction

    You did inform me but it wasn't stated in the rules.
  12. Whale Seller's Introduction

    Hello,My name is Nino and i'm from the Netherlands & Owner of Whale Services.I stumbled across this forum when I was in search of websites where I can expand my business on.This website looked very appealing so I upgraded to VIP almost instantly, I afterwards got informed that you can only post external links with VIP + 50 post count & atleast 5 feedback. Got pretty frustrated at this point since the rules were edited after I became VIP. Anyhow, got over it so I guess I should just be a bit more active on here instead of just advertising my website.Hope to have an awesome time on this forum while making my business grow.
  13. Buying credits 4 osrs gp

    At what rate are you buying?
  14. Bitcoin downfall + coinbase = scammed

    Oh, just noticed that aswell lol, well that isn't a possibility anymore then.