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  1. hi, i like your bot daxhunter, but I want to know how to fix a problem, the bots map is not well located, so it does no fit with the games map. Because of this, the caracter go to another place.
  2. HI, i´m selling 25 credits, anyone interested, pm me. 1Credit per M. I dont use it
  3. Can someone tell me wich are the bests scripts to buy?
  4. Sechop

    Level 1 account

    Where do I see my post count?
  5. Sechop

    Level 1 account

    I Did not get any answer, what can i do?
  6. Sechop

    Level 1 account

    But, it always end up fine? or could be denied?
  7. Sechop

    Level 1 account

    Hi, I sent an email to [email protected] and did not get an answer about getting muy account level 1 to be able to transfer 25 credits, i just dont want to lose muy money. I did that and nothing, can someone help me?
  8. Sechop


    Is there another way? The email is not being send it
  9. Sechop


    Is making a 100 forums the only way to transfer more than 5 crédits?
  10. Sechop

    Best scripts

    Wich are the bests money making scripts?
  11. Sechop

    Selling Credits

    Selling 25 credits Ask me about price
  12. Sorry man, to many time waiting, I want a refund
  13. Proof that i try to talk with tri
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