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  1. When it has money in the bank it still attempts to get it from a mule instead of grabbing it out of the bank for buying tools. Also, when the anti ban timer sleeps for too long the client logs you out automatically, tribot itself then logs you back in, but the antiban timer is still running for a minute. This is very strange behaviour for a regular human, logging in and then waiting a minute before clicking a fishing spot to start fishing again, and might be detected. I had this happening just now. Another thing that is really stupid is that anti ban is doing some stuff on the screen and I only have one more spot in my inventory, then it catches one more fish and inventory is full, and then the anti ban timer starts a full 2 minute wait (while it was doing some stuff on the screen just a few seconds ago). In my opinion a real human would keep his eyes on the screen if there is only one spot left to fill. After dismissing a random event it also starts sleeping before it clicks the fishing spot again
  2. @Optimus Could you respond to the above, this is really scaring people who want to purchase your script (including me) away. So far your lite version seems to run great, only thing is that it is throwing a few exceptions every minute and making my bot hang while it does, which makes me feel insecure. Looks like it's mainly when it tries to turn the camera. Thanks for your great work.
  3. Added link. Thought it would be obvious which one I was using. Dont know what else you need. Also strange why a verified bank account is required for using paypal, paying is paying, but thats unrelated to this topic.
  4. Trial not even working, doesn't give me too much confidence in getting the real thing, which I was planning to. Says "I will open a link where you can activate your trial" and then just sends me to the payment of the full... [21:14:16] Downloading script 'Master Chopper AIO Trial'. [21:14:17] Script Started: Master Chopper AIO Trial. [21:14:19] Script Ended: Master Chopper AIO Trial. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/196-master-chopper-aio-trial/
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