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  1. Looking for a well done waterbirth script that doesn't mess around. Request: Need a well-done script for Waterbirth Rock Crabs. With Anti-Ban settings.Description: Walks to Waterbirth crabs from Seers bank, Banks when out of food, uses cammy tabs to bank and also resets agro. Payment Amount: Unsure yet, need to see how good it is. Time: Preferably soon.Additional: Need this to be in working condition, Used to use RuniteRocks but no clue what has happened to him/his scripts.
  2. we just had the biggest pot in 07 2.4b pot on Flower Poker Streamed someone just turned his 200m 07 to max Cash Stack
  3. we swaps too check our rates @ fc: Dragz 07. Dp all day we had 30m and 10ms dp 07 like 3 times a day stay in our fc to know about it
  4. 2ZX

    Need Help Please

    Hi, before I was able to purchase credits etc with my paypal account & it was verified. Now when I tried to make a purchase for credits, it says verify my email. But it's already verified it says. This is what it shows " https://gyazo.com/6fbff9cb4447f32061e6b1fa35916e39 " When I try to verify my email again, I don't receive any email to verify my account. "Verified PayPal Email Addresses: *******@hotmail.com" (Will pm admin full email if it can be fixed) that's what it shows, I would still like to use that paypal account.
  5. 2ZX

    Need Help

    Hello??? I've messaged 2 admins, and none responded to me. I want this fixed so I can purchase Credits to get VIP.
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