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  1. Hi, currently having this problem, maximum instances reached not allowing me to run tribot. I've had this happen before and I've always been able to either terminate the instance or just wait for the 15 minute timeout. But neither of those work, the instance manager shows no instances and it's been over 30 minutes since I last tried and I am still receiving the same message. Any ideas?
  2. how many sessions for how long each day and what were your abc2 settings? I'm just curious because I might purchase this script as I've been banned quickly with other prem agility scripts while only botting for 2 hours at a time max and only 2-3 times per day and never over night
  3. Just ran another account on it with high total lvl and not a suspicious level 3 and it ran for about 4 days, I only did 2 hours or less at a time and only 2-3 times a day and never overnight. Just caught a 1 day ban on that one too. Wish I could say I'm getting my money's worth and that's the whole reason I tried another account and lowered the frequency of the botting even more. I find that the algorithm that gives 'each account its own unique style' is too repetitive. I watch it a lot and it will 'open next target menu' on the same obstacle after say 3-4 laps every single time. So it will single click all of the obstacles and then after 3-4 laps it decides on these same 2 obstacles back to back to right click them to perform the action and it does this without fail every time. Very suspect. This also happened while running other scripts at the same time on the same computer with looking glass but without a proxy. Detected this script and not any of the others.
  4. Update: achieved 81-87 agility, only botted 3-4 hours at a time and only during my normal play hours (i.e. no overnight botting whatsoever). Last run was about 6:30pm to 9pm my timezone last night and woke up to a temp ban. Evidence: "Jagex Moderator Comment". I babysat the account 90% of the time and responded to pm's, spoke in cc, took frequent breaks, did other things in between botting sessions. Also the account had over 2k total so not a fresh account with few hours either. Also, not asking for a refund either, just a heads up.
  5. The script cannot log out and back in, it gets stuck in the lobby screen and cannot click red button "Click Here to Play". Other than that it's running perfectly, just can't use that extra layer of anti-ban.
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