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  1. YOu got me? How? I am from the hacking scene with rs so what?
  2. I got it removed thanks to you. U can contact him urself if you want. I don't need to go my way to prove that I told him to use a middle man. ALso side note the middle man I told him to use was Chloe. Which is a staff You amuse me =D Keep going.
  3. And again you always are quick to assume things. If you read He was the one who didn't want to use a MM. You really are bad at this.
  4. Lol I have it stated in my thead we USE OMM if not going first. but thank you.
  5. Lol that is not my account. Well I am glad your googling skills are amateur.
  6. If you did you research I was banned for causing drama with a Runemate competitor > Lead me getting banned on powerbot > sythe then got unbanned on sythe as the report was stupid. The user was warned but nothing they can do about the other sites. I can care less what you think but next time do your research.
  7. Nice you can't do research PS: there was a reason i was unbanned
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