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  1. back to selling for any4rs.com taking this down. dont need to sell on tribot anymore.
  2. when i try to start the script it doesnt even start. nothing works
  3. by the way everyone! i have 14 pins in stock atm.
  4. if you think i am a scammer then go somwhere else. i dont need you to flame my topic. thanks
  5. -35 DAY MEMBERSHIP CARDS- CURRENTLY IN STALK: 14 I am selling Runescape 35 day membership cards. Only 3m 07GP. To contact me you can message me on the forums and i will get back to you no longer then 10 hours (usually within minutes). -PLEASE USE THIS FORMAT WHEN PURCHASING- ** Amount of pins:------------------> ** Will you vouch for me?:---------> ** Will you refer me to friends?:---> I know i dont have any vouches right now, and that's because i am new to tribot. I used to sell pins on RSBuddy, and i am currently selling to Any4rs.com Thanks!
  6. americ4

    jFletcher v1.2

    tysm!! i got 99 fletching with this script. it works amazing! highly recommended!
  7. go to file, settings, then check lite mode. restart the script and it should start up. have fun!
  8. it just walks up to the void knight and stands there. doesnt attack or do anything. when you check the defend knight method it turns prayer on. please help. Edit: nevermind i got it working. i didnt have my brightness set to the right setting. the script is working great. ill post a proggy soon. thanks!
  9. - 3 accounts running - first account= 14:36:48 - nothing second account= 11:54:56 - still nothing third account= 13:29:22 - still nothing this is seriously pathetic
  10. americ4

    jFletcher v1.2

    script is amazing! it cut all my 6000 magic logs and strung all of them without stopping. thanks!
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