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    Thanks for the advice and offer to help me out when needed and if possible. I'm about to update my bot log, I didn't bot today, I'll run it for a bit overnight.

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I just edited the progress for today, mainly combat training.

    I've already got the Extended VIP subscription and a few premium scripts. I meant that I might think about buying premium scripts on request if it's needed for a goal. Give me some goal ideas and I'll probably add a few to the list. Let's hope all works out :)!

    RESERVED FOR PROGRESS. Total bot run time: 12 Hours. Day 1: I started off with a new account, the name will remain hidden for obvious reasons. After completing the tutorial island, I went over to doing some combat and collecting cow hides to be able to afford my supplies and armour in the future. I used the daxCombat V2 Beta script, great experience so far! Another script I used was a splasher for magic. Bot runtime: 5 hours. Day 2: Today I didn't bot or play in-game at all, I thought it'd be good to take a decent break, especially since the account is new. Although, I will be botting a couple of hours overnight (now). Pictures of tonight's progress should be online and updated tomorrow. Bot runtime: 0 hours. Day 3: After Day 2 I didn't bot that much, I did some smithing, just for money, and I tanned some cowhides for money. I needed money for food/armor/weapons and supplies to skill with. I will be training some more combat tomorrow. Bot runtime: 2 hours. Day 4: Bot runtime: 5 hours.

    Hello everyone! I'll start by introducing myself and the goal of this thread. I'm Danny, I've played RuneScape from 2005-2017 on and off. I was mainly active playing from 2005-2009, after certain updates I lost interest in the game and started playing a few weeks a year for the nostalgia. Now I feel like getting into botting, just for fun, to see how far I can go. I will let you ladies and gentlemen decide what you'd love me to do; F2P/P2P botting, break handler time amounts, which skills and which wealth goals or raw material goals. I'll try and keep this thread updated as often as possible. Let me know which scripts you'd like me to use, might use premium scripts, if requested, too. Goals: Set by myself: Create an account 40 Attack 40 Defence 70 Strength 55 Smithing 60 Magic 70 Mining 75 Woodcutting 75 Fishing 80 Cooking Have a nice day! - DANNY-
  6. Monthly Challenge

    Looks clean man! I usually use the basic Notepad ++ . I'm new myself but I love the way front end devs get to see their input right away by refreshing a page. Do you use bootstrap?
  7. Monthly Challenge

    Are they responsive? Do they work fully on different resolutions? The media queries is what I hate, I should get into flex-box, could save time. Which editor do you use?
  8. How To: Purchase TRiBot Credits & VIP w/ PayPal

    I've tried the steps needed to use PayPal, after verifying and being redirected to the payment page it just gives an error that my paypal is still not verified, although it says it is.