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  1. I've never done p2p so I'm slowly levelling and learning what makes money and what's good -Zulrah was highly suggested so went for that - But I'll suss out some scripts and get a bit of variety in what the accounts do, Save some money on accounts without zulrah quest too, Thanks for the feedback! Thanks for the suggestions and advice - Looks like I'll be doing some research and using 1 zulrah and 2 of something else to see how it goes. I haven't seen most of the scripts on a weekly basis - Month seems to work out a better value but will keep this in mind. Any idea on proxies? will proxy6 and blazingseo do the trick or should I look at residential/mobile
  2. Forgot about proxies! - I have an RDP that could handle 5 bots from a different project which could host them I'm now debating usine BlazingSEO/Proxy6 or would using a shared mobile proxy a better investment - $15 for 1-2 accounts, Not sure how heavily it would impact banrates or locks I've looked at barrows and green dragons bots - I'll be doing a 1 account test to make sure I don't run into issues or make mistakes for a week or two and then moving to the 5
  3. Hey Everyone, I had a few questions in relation to gold farming, I'm pretty new to everything but I've just set up a main account to play and learn the game however I would love to have a gold farm to aid my progress playing legitimately and potentially earn a small stream of income. I've been messing around with some free tools and methods and have been able to earn a whopping 31/k HR So clearly F2P suicide bots aren't going to be a super effective solution unless I can find a private method. I'm considering doing the below but would love some more info from people that have tried it. Buy 5 Zulrah capable accounts (one off cost) $305USD Script for zulrah $79.98/Month & Tribot My math works out to a potential of 750M per Month on the low end, A lot of people are saying 2M-3M on zulrah but this is assuming a 1.5M Per hour profit at 4 hours of botting a day 25 days a month. Cost: 391.98 First Month - Every Month After that 147.98 - Assuming one account a month is banned Earn: -84 loss First Month - Every month after that $159.52 Is a ban rate of 1 account per month with my 4 hours a day too low - Am I expecting too much GP for the 750M (working on .41/M to wholesalers) Any advice or feedback would be appreciated!
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