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  1. Yes, you do need VIP-Extended to use a proxy with TRiBot
  2. Fluffee

    Running on AWS

    The only reason I'd consider using them is being able to scale up your farm pretty much as needed, but as Dax mentioned the price to value ratio from a botting standpoint is really bad with AWS. You'd save a lot by going with a unmanaged dedicated server
  3. What client are you hooking to? Which Java version? Which Operating System are you running?
  4. You probably need to select the JDK from the dropdown inside the TRiBot Loader when you launch the client
  5. It is because of Eclipse running on JDK 14 (and presumably compiling on JDK 14). TRiBot requires Java 8, so you'll have to compile your scripts with JDK 8 as well If you're having the same issue, try verifying you're compiling your scripts with Java 8 and not any other version of Java
  6. I have a few questions to hopefully help me get a better understanding of the issue you're facing. and ideally find a solution! They are: What Java versions do you have installed? How are you running OSBuddy? Is there anything being printed in the bot debug?
  7. It sounds like you currently have a version of Java 11 installed, which is preventing TRiBot from loading. So the first thing to do is uninstall that first. Then uninstall the following: Java 8 Update 251 Java 8 Update 251 (64 Bit) Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 251 At this point the only Java versions you want to be listed in your Add/Remove programs list are: Java 8 Update 201 (64 Bit) Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 201 (64 Bit) You should now have the right Java versions to use Looking Glass. At this point you have three options for a client, you can use the OSBuddy.jar, our Java 8 build of OpenOSRS or one of the few browsers which support Java applets still, which I believe are just PaleMoon and Waterfox Classic (however, I do not recommend this option, as it can be finnicky at times, but some users swear by it). Using one of the clients I listed above should have you up and running! RuneLite is not supported in any form due to their obfuscation of their gamepack.
  8. Where are you placing the folder scripts with your .class files inside of it? It should be in your ~/.tribot/bin/ folder. Then you should be able to see the scripts inside your TRiBot client! You also want to make sure that script is written such that it inside the Java package scripts
  9. Fluffee


    Dispute complete.
  10. Closed as the script is no longer being maintained.
  11. You can still use it, you just need to modify the command you're using to run. I'd recommend running TRiBot from the command line and then you can get the arguments used to launch TRiBot from there
  12. Fluffee

    VIP Tribot

    It looks like you do have it now?
  13. As far as I know the script linked there installs it's own Java version and runs TRiBot with that, not with Java 14
  14. Not allowed anymore due to what the author was attempting to do with the script.
  15. Fluffee

    fake feedback

    Dispute complete.
  16. Fluffee

    slayer v2

    Dispute complete.
  17. Are you running on Mac or Windows?
  18. Shoot me a message if you'd like, I'll see if I can help you out!
  19. Assuming you have the JDK installed, you must pick it from the TRiBot Loader when launching the client
  20. I believe the previous auto responder was discontinued as it had patterns which were detectable over long periods
  21. Feel free to shoot me a message, we'll sort this out
  22. Fluffee

    Looking glass

    Feel free to add me on Discord if you'd like, I'll see if I can give you a hand!
  23. Sadly, at the moment we don't have the option to remove a verified PayPal from your account
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