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  1. For anyone still using this (beyond me) a new update has been pushed which should store the last source and output paths, as well as include support for adding resource files to the packed script
  2. Update v4.03 Account Creator is fully working again There may be issues with incapsula blocking IPs after multiple creations. Currently, the script doesn't handle this as it'll require some more testing to fully work around Remaining small bugs in Tutorial Island were fixed Updated the GUI backend to make my life a bit easier Updated the source and submodule references on my bitbucket
  3. Trade with caution removed.
  4. @lawjestaw Did you ever send a new RDP to replace the non working ones? @dabswax Was any form of compensation or replacement provided for the non working service?
  5. Fluffee

    Offsite scam

    Dispute complete.
  6. Fluffee

    Offsite scam

    Closed in accordance with the Dreambot case.
  7. Closing due to the amount of time that has passed and lack of cohesive evidence provided.
  8. Not allowed, sorry.
  9. Script has been released: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/82475-just-play-runescape-aio-account-trainer/
  10. What is the script you're having an issue with?
  11. @master sin @azx000 Can you both try redownloading the TRiBot Loader? That may resolve the issue? If it doesn't, can @azx000 also send their stacktrace?
  12. @HEL LO Can you post more of that error? Maybe scroll up a bit? @JapperFTW @mxndaugas Is there anything being printed in the bot/client debug?
  13. Sadly, things changed quite a bit since the Pre-EOC days. In terms of getting Looking Glass, you can access it once you have a VIP-Extended subscription (you currently have VIP)
  14. Which version of OSBuddy are you attempting to hook to? The OSBuddy.exe or the .jar?
  15. Is there anything being printed in the bot/client debug? There might be an error there that could explain why the client seems to hang on "Starting Client"
  16. @saybotag3 I just checked the helpdesk and I can't find any tickets about this issue. Can you please open a new ticket at https://help.tribot/org/
  17. Closed as the script is no longer being maintained.
  18. Fluffee

    zAlcher by Zainy

    Closed as the script is no longer being maintained.
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