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  1. Pest control bot not working

  2. Second opinion

    Just a reminder to everyone else posting on the thread that disputes are for Staff and those involved in the dispute only. You've all been infracted for failure to read the stickies posted in the disputes section.
  3. Fluffee's Tutorial Island • Completes Tutorial Island • Supports loading of bulk accounts • Script Argument/Queue/Client Starter support • Tons of customization options • Random account profiling • Full ABC2 support • Post tutorial island tasks • Account Creation • Task based, chose the options for every account Get it here! GUI Instructions Script Arguments Script arguments must be entered as follows (with the following keys): accountPath:;friendsChat:;location:;items:;shiftDropping:;toggleRoofs:; An example script arguments setup can be found below, as well as an explanation of each key. For loading a single account, include only the line immediately below: accountUsername:Zezima;accountPassword:runescape;friendsChat:Mod_Mark;location:1;items:1;shiftDropping:1;toggleRoofs:1 For starting the script with an already logged in account, use the single account line with the accounts username and password, makeup a username and password, or pass an empty but existing text file. For loading accounts, include the line only the line immediately below: accountPath:\accounts.txt;friendsChat:Mod_Mark;location:1;items:1;shiftDropping:1;toggleRoofs:1; For creating accounts, include the line only the line immediately below: emailUsername:[S5][S5][N1];emailDomain:pokemail.net;rsUsername:FTI-SameUsername.;password:PASSWORD;captchaKey:2CAPTCHAKEY;numberOfAccounts:2;noTutorial:true; Script argument explanation: Source
  4. I'll see if I can look at this sometime over the next few days, shouldn't be a big fix!
  5. I made an account not 4 hours ago, wasn't locked. I'm going to guess it's the IPs? As I manage to create accounts without locks all the time
  6. AlphaCrafter Pro

    The interface updated yesterday, so that may be the issue? Let me know if you need a test account! Edit: Will try that though, I'll report back if that fixes it.
  7. There seems to be a bug with cannonball smelting at Neitiznot, the script clicks the Steel Bar in the inventory, but isn't able to click the furnace. It then idles after right clicking the furnace, but doesn't select the option to smelt the cannonballs. Stack trace in the spoiler below:
  8. AlphaCrafter Pro

    @AlphaDog Glassblowing is still broken sadly. Usually when attempting to glass blow it just gets an ArrayOutOfBoundsException with no stacktrace. But I did manage to get a stacktrace once: [13:09:42] Script Started: AlphaCrafter Pro. [13:12:00] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 616 [13:12:00] at org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(bg:128) [13:12:00] at scripts.data.GlassItem.k(GlassItem.java:31) [13:12:00] at scripts.crafter.c.o.run(MakeGlass.java:35) [13:12:00] at scripts.alphascripts.b.o.k(Employer.java:44) [13:12:00] at scripts.alphascripts.b.o.A(Employer.java:32) [13:12:00] at scripts.crafter.AlphaCrafter.run(AlphaCrafter.java:121) [13:12:00] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [13:12:03] Script Ended: AlphaCrafter Pro.
  9. You bought the script in 2014. The lifetime of the script has since ended (thus the script was removed), so you will not be refunded. With the new changes to the pricing scheme, issues like these will not arise.
  10. [Open Source] Noob Account Leveler

    There appears to be a bug after the user dies, and needs to reacquire a bronze axe: Debug in the spoiler
  11. New changes to tribot.

    They're the same. The script's lifetime auths have ended, thus you get 6 months of access. The same as you would if a script was discontinued, you would be guaranteed 6 months of access or a refund. The disputes point was mentioned because it showcases what the Staff had determined was a fair value for a lifetime auth to a script. Which is precisely what was went on when this decision was made.
  12. New changes to tribot.

    We have an active development team now, they're extremely aware that TRiBot is lacking in this department. In the meantime, there are free command line starters on the forums you can use, until TRiBot's official one is sorted. Lifetime auths only apply for the lifetime of the script. However, that lifetime was never defined (as it couldn't be). As a result, lifetime auths have caused nothing but headache for Staff as we've tried to handle script disputes and scripts being discontinued when lifetime auths were sold. But, even when lifetime auths were being sold, their validity was determined to be for within 6 months from the date of purchase. After that point, if the script stopped working refunds would not be issued as the script's lifetime was said to have ended. There isn't much different happening here. Lifetime auths as a whole are being discontinued, thus users are getting their 6 months (plus whatever they obtained before purchase), which is exactly what would have happened if DaxHunter was discontinued last week. TRiBot has significant sever overhead (I can't elaborate much here, as I genuinely don't know much about it, that's solely TRiLeZ) but that overhead, as overhead does, costs money. The issue is, every account being ran in the client consumes x resources. Users running tons of accounts are consuming more resources than users running less. That wouldn't be an issue if that same user's contribution to paying for server costs (in the form of VIP and script subscriptions) outweighed the cost of keeping the servers going to support them. However, with lifetime auths, this can sometimes not happen. For example (I believe something similar to this happened, but we'll just consider it to be hypothetical as my memory is a bit foggy), suppose a user purchases a lifetime, unlimited auth for a Fishing script, at $20 back in 2014. At the time, great, he pays for his server resources through VIP and that script purchase. However, come 2015 he has bought no new scripts, only paying for his $8 a month VIP-E (or $6.50 if VIP) and now runs 100+ fishing accounts 24/7 at F2P lobsters. His server resource usage now exceeds his $8 a month TRiBot subscription. Therefore, the rest of the users running 1 or 2 accounts with VIP-E subscriptions are essentially paying for the first user's resource consumption by not using the resources themselves. To combat this, unlimited auths and lifetime auths are discontinued. This shouldn't significantly impact most people who just run a few accounts. But to those big farmers running a few hundred or what have you, they will have to start paying for their resource use. Same thing as above, except your $20 script was probably $400 or something. If you're running a surplus of 100 accounts you're using more than you're paying for, and can afford to purchase additional auths (I think that's a thing? Not sure how that will be handled). If you're running under 100 then you won't be impacted. I can't say I farm much, so I can't really offer much input. I do know that many people are successfully making plenty of money (as mentioned in a post I made earlier), they're just quiet and don't post much. These price changes won't impact their bottom line much. TRiLeZ is aware, we're not the first to move away from lifetime auths. As a business, TRiBot only profits off of the script sales and VIP. Albeit yes, there is a lot of money that goes into farming, and the risk can be extremely high, those other costs are up to users to manage. Read my post above, other users are managing this fine, I'm sure you'll adapt as well! As always, feel free to shoot me a message or post back with any concerns you may have. I would have responded earlier, but alas, I wasn't at a computer and typing long responses on my phone is tedious to say the least
  13. New changes to tribot.

    The lifetime of the script ended. Lifetime auths have been capped at a year/6 months for dispute purposes for ages, as having an indefinite length of time for script auths was impractical and impossible to maintain. Windows XP was discontinued, as the lifetime of the operating system ended. Everyone was then forced to purchase Windows 7, or if you had deep pockets, pay Microsoft to privately produce updates. Same thing here. As always, feel free to contact me if there are scripts broken on the repo.
  14. New changes to tribot.

    The stat collection is done by the Scripter, so it would depend on the scripts you use I'm afraid. It'd be neat if there was some kind of central hub for TRiBot statistics, but that doesn't currently exist. @YoHoJo
  15. New changes to tribot.

    That's what the Scripter said, and the stats back that up. He's on track to make that within approximately within 30 days. I would assume revenue like that is an extreme anomaly; but it is possible
  16. New changes to tribot.

    The math isn't even hard. 10000 at $1/m is 10,000m. Spread that over 30 days in a month and you're looking at 333m a day. Spread that over 24 hours a day, and that's only 14m an hour. Which is what, 20-50 accounts concurrently depending on the method. Not to mention those farming F2P and running a hundred or more accounts. However, those are most likely less common due to the logistics you mentioned. As for stats? I've spoke with Scripter's, seen the statistics they collect. Heck, I know of a user who made/is on track to make 55b gp in revenue this month. Edit: Also, I didn't specify that it was 10k, I just said it was a lot of money. Even 1-3k a month is a lot of money. Especially if you live somewhere where the USD exchange rate is good
  17. New changes to tribot.

    You'd be surprised. TRiBot has an incredible number of users who make incredible amounts of money, but have zero posts on the forums. But it's those users are the users who are often consuming incredible server resources and often paying nothing more than $8 month in VIP-Extended, as they purchased unlimited lifetime auths for the scripts they're using. Hence, the problem.
  18. TacoManStan Ignoring Messages, Still broke.

    I think your date purchased is incorrect? If so, would you mind updating it to the correct date? Thanks
  19. There seems to be a bug with my new detection method for click continue interfaces. I'm guessing it's because this method returns quicker, but I'm unsure. In the meantime, the failsafes will keep the script moving forward, but I'll add this to my to do list. However, I'm unlikely to be touching it until mid terms are over.
  20. [Suggestion] Repository

    That's exactly what's on the go
  21. [Suggestion] Repository

    The buyer who requested the script can see the script on the repo, nobody else can as it's a private script
  22. [Suggestion] Repository

    In my opinion: No to the private script category. Those shouldn't be on the repo, unless sold by a Premium Scripter who can access the already existing private script category. Yes to everything else.
  23. Outdate/Useless scripts (Tool category)

    You're right about that one. Tested it the other day, the GE functionality is broken, but the rest seems functional
  24. Outdate/Useless scripts (Tool category)

    Thank you so much for the help! It's a massive job, so having someone else participating in any capacity is always greatly appreciated! Just a heads up, the project isn't dead, I'm just working on it behind the scenes at the moment, I'll be back to checking through the rest of the repo soon enough! However, I'm unsure as I have no say in what gets removed, if scripts that are functionally outdated will be removed if they still work as they were intended (even if they're not worth using anymore). I know USA will remove broken scripts, and will hide all private scripts that shouldn't be on the public repo, (or on the repo at all in my opinion) but I don't know about the outdated ones. @Usa input?
  25. Trading my LoL account, unranked 700+ skins

    Closed, account selling, buying, trading etc. is not allowed on TRiBot