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  1. @JoeDezzy1 Going to require your input here.
  2. Sorry about that! I reorganized my Bitbucket repos and broke the link by accident. I've updated the scripts and the post to reflect the changes
  3. It looks like you're trying to sign in with the email address instead of your TRiBot username. Your TRiBot username is: brazilskillz. Try signing in with that instead
  4. That looks like an issue with your setup, feel free to send me your settings file and I can take a look! Yes, you are correct
  5. I don't think so. You'd have to add that to your script most likely, via swing. @FALSkills may know more about doing this without adding it to a script.
  6. This should be fixed now, sorry for the delay!
  7. You have OpenJDK installed, you'll need to uninstall that install Oracle JDK
  8. It looks like instead of the second month of VIP-E you bought, you accidentally bought a second month of VIP. Not to worry though, you can upgrade from VIP to VIP-Extended. Head over to to this link: TRiBot VIP Manager Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you should see the option to pay the difference to upgrade to VIP-Extended for the remainder of your subscription.
  9. Dispute complete.
  10. Fluffee


    Try disabling any firewalls you might have on your PC, it's possible the PC firewall is blocking the Java connection required. If the disable works, you'll need to manually add the exception for Java to your PC's firewall
  11. You can send me the IP of one of your servers if you'd like. It looks to me like it's on your provider's end, but I'll see if there's anything I can do!
  12. I'll get in touch with them, and see what the status is, thanks
  13. I follow a bunch of sections, so I can usually just browse my notifications to get an idea of what's going on
  14. This looks to be an issue with the card you're using, I would recommend getting in contact with your bank about it, they should be able to help you out
  15. Fluffee


    The hack checks out, I looked into all that a few days ago actually. There was a bit of a mess with it all
  16. @daxmagex I believe Todd thinks it's fixed, I'll message him about it tonight, but you might have to make a bug report on GitLab. What about the issue with your combat script? @kushad If the issue with the world hopping is client related, then it's not on Dax to fix. The client needs to be fixed in those scenarios.
  17. @daxmagex Wanna weigh in here?
  18. No worries, you're fully allowed to use your account on multiple PCs
  19. My personal guess is running on the A drive is causing issues with TRiBot; however I'd try Encoded's solution first
  20. Shoot me a message on Discord if you'd like, I'll see if I can take a look
  21. While this is awful to hear, Smite is not an active member on our site. As such, this dispute isn't really valid here. I'm really sorry about your loss, I know I'd be quite upset if I lost that much.
  22. Dispute complete.
  23. Closed due to lack of a response from the user.
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