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  1. I'll check when I get home It's possible? Try turning it on and attempting a purchase with your original card
  2. Fluffee

    Looking glass issues

    What Java versions do you have installed? What issues did you have that weren't resolved? I'd love to be able to help when I can!
  3. Are you behind a VPN/Proxy? Does the zip code of your current location, and the one entered in match the one on the card?
  4. Fluffee

    Client Debug / Log Window Missing?

    You can also delete the general.ini from the .tribot folder, this should return everything back to its default values.
  5. Fluffee

    TRiBot Release 10.0_0

    I've made TRiLeZ aware of this issue, I'm currently waiting to hear back from him
  6. Fluffee

    [Beta] Mute's Slayer

    I believe it's already in the outdated category, which is where we usually put abandoned scripts and projects
  7. Fluffee


    Sadly, I don't. As far as I know, it's a client bug. I would recommend posting a gitlab issue about it as soon as possible though! It looks like their first sprint is in a few weeks, and I'm unsure when they'll be finalizing the issues list they want to tackle.
  8. Fluffee's Red Dragon Killer Kills Red Dragon's in Brimhaven Dungeon for profit. • Kills Red Dragons • Safespots dragons, low death count • Script Argument/Queue/Client Starter support • JavaFX Material Design user interface • Supports both range and mage • Supports all staffs • Full ABC2 support • Open Source Get it here! Requirements • 34 Woodcutting • 30 Agility • Decent mage/range stats Script Arguments Script arguments must be entered as follows (with the following keys): file:saved_settings_file_name.json; The only argument required now is the name of the settings file to load. If the file specified does not exist, an error will be printed in the debug, and the script will show the GUI instead.  Source Note: Source code isn't overly interesting, but it does contain some helpful wrappers for ID caching of Objects, NPCs, etc. Also contains a rather nice Magic API, which works with the ID caching wrappers.
  9. You can also run jarfix to allow you to just double click the TRiBot Loader instead of running it from cmd every time
  10. Fluffee

    Need help

    Try following the steps outlined here: If they don't work, please post back!
  11. Fluffee

    Java issues

    It's in my signature
  12. Fluffee

    Java issues

    Shoot me a message on Discord, or on the forums, I'll see if I can help you out!
  13. Fluffee

    Java issues

    The TRiBot helpdesk can always be a great place to begin your search for answers! This article might be of help: https://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000017496-error-wrong-java
  14. Fluffee

    TRiBot Release 9.400_2

    I don't have one at the moment, I'll see if I can get an update from the developers. I'll see if I can get an update from the developers. Currently being worked on!
  15. Fluffee

    "Exception Thrown"

    Do you have Discord? If so, shoot me a message, I don't know of a solution offhand, but I'd love to see if I can sort this for you!
  16. Fluffee

    TRiBot Release 9.400_2

    As far as I know a fix is being worked on, but there are still issues.
  17. Fluffee

    Disconnect/system updates

    If I recall correctly, doesn't the game require you to reload the client after a system update? Which unless you have the client set to automatically rerun itself, it shouldn't do? I'd assume the script would probably fail on the login bot, due to it returning a value it can't continue from
  18. Fluffee

    Display name doesn't exist

    Your username is currently spelled "Phasewaik" with an i inplace of the L. As silly as this might be, make sure you're using that capital I, instead of a lowercase l
  19. Fluffee's Tutorial Island v2 TRiBot's best Tutorial Island Script • Completes Tutorial Island • Supports loading of bulk accounts • Script Argument/Queue/Client Starter support • JavaFX Material Design user interface • Tons of customization options • Random account profiling • Full ABC2 support • Post tutorial island tasks • Account Creation • Task based, chose the options for every account Get it here! GUI Instructions Script Arguments Script arguments must be entered as follows (with the following keys): file:saved_settings_file_name.json; The only argument required now is the name of the settings file to load. If the file specified does not exist, an error will be printed in the debug, and the script will show the GUI instead. Source
  20. Fluffee

    Looking for a pmod.

    Please stick to one thread about a topic. Locked.
  21. Fluffee's Server Setup 2.0 [BETA] As some of you may know, I released an automated server setup script a little over a year ago. Albeit that script worked well, I was never fully satisfied with it, as I found it to be kind of messy to use. As a result, I rewrote the script, and restructured it, to add more, and stronger support for the different versions of Debian, the different versions of CentOS and the different versions of Ubuntu. However, with so many different Operating Systems being supported, and many different server providers having different setups, it's hard for me to test every possible scenario on my own. Which is why I've been privately handing this script out, and am now publicly looking for help. What does the script do? Similar to my previous setup script, this script changes the SSH port and creates a new user for connecting and using the server and disables root SSH connections; it installs the latest version of TightVNC Server (1.3.10) and sets that up with the desired port and password. It installs JDK 102 (32 or 64 bit depending on the OS), and installs TRiBot and OSBuddy and sets up the appropriate .jar file associations. What operating systems does it support? - CentOS (6.x and 7.x) (32 and 64 bit) - Debian (7.x and 8.x) (32 and 64 bit) - Ubuntu (12.x, 14.x and 16.x) (32 and 64 bit) Does it work? As far as I know, yes it does in fact work, and it works well if I might add. However, given that I can't test every possible setup, there is the potential for differences and issues, which is why I need help. I want to beta test, how can I help? The next time you setup a server, or if you just want to reinstall your old one, use this new script and let me know if you encounter any issues or things that you think are missing. Ideally, after you answer the questions the script prompts you for, you shouldn't have to touch the keyboard again. Therefore, if during installation the script prompts you for any kind of input that isn't the first few questions, please let me know as this is probably not supposed to happen. Also, if things don't work, like TRiBot doesn't open, there's no internet browser, LG won't hook, etc. make me aware of those issues as well, so I can try and fix them! I've found a bug, what do you need from me? A few things, I'll need the operating system and bit type and a description of the bug. I may ask you for SSH access to the server, as well as ask you to reinstall the server a few times, while I attempt to troubleshoot the issue. The issues may only arise on your server, so I might not be able to recreate the issue on my end, as my hosting provider may have a different server setup than your's. I've added in a bug report format below which would be the best way to report a bug, but simply shooting me a PM or messaging me on Skype also work, assuming you're willing to allow me to troubleshoot. How do I run the script? Login as root to a fresh VPS/dedi running one of the supported operating systems. From there run the commands listed below and follow the onscreen instructions. For those who would like to see the script's code, it can be found on my github here. The commands to run are as follows: wget --no-check-cert https://bitbucket.org/Fluffee/fluffees-server-setup/raw/master/fluffees-server-setup.sh && chmod +x fluffees-server-setup.sh && ./fluffees-server-setup.sh -v Version History
  22. Fluffee

    How to use the official CLI client starter?

    CLI is still not officially in the client. I don't believe it currently functions. When it is officially implemented it will be announced in the releases section.
  23. Fluffee

    Bought the wrong subscription

    I believe you've already sorted this. But if not: Go to this link: TRiBot VIP Manager Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you should see the option to pay the difference to upgrade to VIP-Extended for the remainder of your subscription.
  24. Fluffee

    TRiBot Release 9.400_0

    You can actually! See the information at the bottom of the post. I actually misspoke about the consistent replication, well actually I misunderstood. Todd is looking for a consistent way to replicate the bug, but that's only because he hasn't been able to replicate it at all. He's currently running over 15 accounts non stop on various break profiles, trying to get the bug to occur, and he's been doing this for days. He still hasn't seen the bug, which is why there hasn't been a fix. I believe his new plan is to manually look through every line of code that was changed in the last update to see if there is anything obviously wrong, but I'm unsure how long that will take, as it depends on how much was changed with the last update Todd isn't big on this idea. I would guess that the login bot/break handler, is more complicated than we think and rewriting it from the ground up could be a much bigger project. See above, I was wrong about the consistent way, that's my mistake. Sorry about that. As we're still having issues replicating the bug. if anyone manages to get a client to experience this bug, what I would like you to do is: Pause the script if it is on a timer, we need to ensure the script won't end prematurely. Keep the client open, and send me a message informing me that you have a client experiencing the bug Keep the client open in the background until I reply with further instructions I'll run you through the steps to grab some diagnostic information, or connect to your PC and grab the information myself. Hopefully then Todd can get a fix soon!