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  1. Fluffee

    Bot stops after a new hours

    It probably runs out of heap space, that's a low amount for 6 bots. I'd push that towards 1.5gb of heap, or use multiple clients instead of one.
  2. Are you sure your proxy settings are right and whatnot? Are you using LG?
  3. It sounds like a connection issue, are you behind a proxy?
  4. Fluffee

    Trouble opening the Loader

    TRiBot currently does not support Java higher than Java 8. Please uninstall Java 10 and install a version of Java 8, that should resolve the issue.
  5. Fluffee

    Tribot window loading problems

    I've made Todd aware, hopefully this will be resolved soon! :)
  6. Fluffee

    purchase funds

    If that's the minimum purchase available (and it might be I'm not sure) then you have to purchase 3 auths, regardless if you'll be using them
  7. Fluffee

    purchase funds

    The quantity indicates the number of auths, each auth lets you run a certain number of accounts. Check the script's page on the repository to determine how many accounts you get per auth, and then use that to figure out how many auths you'll need to run your accounts. You have it for the duration specified on the script's page on the repository, for example here's the Auto Fisher Pro Page: That purchase lets you run 5 accounts at once, and lasts for 30 days :)
  8. Fluffee

    purchase funds

    Did an error pop up when purchasing? How did you pay?
  9. Closed at Author's request.
  10. Fluffee

    Tribot error still persist

    I've notified the Admins again, my apologies for the delay.
  11. Fluffee

    Einstein's Woodcutter

    I've been eager to see what you got accepted for! This is certainly a welcome addition to the site, I'm looking forward to it
  12. Fluffee


    Uninstall Java 10, it is incompatible with TRiBot. The issue most likely stems from the default .jar file associations being with Java 10, instead of 8 and the TRiBot Loader not opening as it rejects Java 10.
  13. Fluffee

    Private Script

  14. Usually this error resolves itself within an hour or so, so hopefully you're no longer experiencing it. However, if you are, try uninstalling and reinstalling Java 8 on your PC
  15. Fluffee

    scrip dont start

    Thanks for posting the fix, hopefully other users can find this in the future :)