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  1. Ahhhh, so this is what you were working on! Good luck with sales my dude
  2. The certain amount of hours played can be sort of accomplished with the script queue. With the script queue you can cap the total runtime of a script, which should accomplish at least part of that. While I don't have any real issues with the break handler, here's some things I've seen around the forums that may not have been mentioned here: Easier repetition of entire profiles Some form of a simple built in walkthrough on how to create a break profile. People find the current handler confusing, and often threads with questions about it. It'd be cool to curb that a bit An option to allow breaks to occur relative to each other instead of simply relative to the script runtime.
  3. Just a reminder to everyone that the disputes section is for Staff and those directly involved only. While I'm sure many of you have excellent intentions, the disputes section is not for your opinions on trading practices. Future violations of this rule will result in warning points, thanks
  4. Nah, you can enter the username the same way you would when you're loading accounts. All the string and number generation syntax will work regardless of how the accounts are loaded. While I might be able to add that option in the future, for the minute, just use some sort of generation in the username when you load the accounts I'd need to see your setup/config file. Feel free to send me screenshots or other info on Discord or in a PM The invalid file error occurs when you hit the load button in the GUI and the file you attempt to load isn't in the proper format (a saved settings json file) or if you just close the file selection dialog. I'm running around 1k accounts through right now, so I'm fairly confident things are working so we can definitely sort this! Ensure that the settings your trying to load are the proper format, or if you want some more direct help feel free to send me a PM or a message on Discord
  5. That's actually intentional behaviour. If you specify the username you want to bot to have, and that name isn't available then the account cannot be created. If you'd like the bot to generate a username (and retry if the account username is unavailable) you'll want to generate at least 1 string in the username, or 1 number. I can possibly change this to have the bot pick a username instead of logging out? But I'm unsure right now
  6. It looks like you have Java 11 installed, and TRiBot is attempting to load with that. What you'll need to do is uninstall Java 11, and instead install Java 8. You should be able to find a download link for Java 8 here: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html If you need help uninstalling Java 11, @YoHoJo might be able to help?
  7. Fluffee

    I got a feedback

    Removed, feedback is for black market transactions only.
  8. Feel free to send me a message. The decision was not made by Tri, he's not responsible in any way for the script not supporting lifetime any more.
  9. As stated above, lifetime auths were discontinued across the entire site last February. This means that in order to regain access to the script you'll need to repurchase the script, a refund will not be able to be issued in this instance. If you'd like a more detailed explanation of why this change was made, feel free to send me a message, I'm more than happy to discuss it with you! @Optimus I would like your input on the script being sold for 07 instead of credits though.
  10. Update v3.122 Fixed issue where manually created accounts would be unable to set their username Fixed issue where loaded accounts would be unable to set the ABC and chat sleep mulitipiers Style settings sliders now correctly reflect the values of the account being edited
  11. If you're unsatisfied with the script feel free to open a script dispute.
  12. Script has been hidden from the repository as it doesn't appear to be for public use.
  13. What are you settings like? Feel free to send screenshots or the settings file in a PM Edit: Fixed, sorry about that
  14. Update v3.121 Fixed issue where style options would not be chosen after picking name Fixed issue where accounts with name already chosen would get stuck trying to claim a name. Added ABC and chat sleep sliders. These can be found on the Load Accounts tab, the Create Accounts tab, or under Character Style on the Tutorial Island Settings tab. These can be set per account, and are a percentage. 100% means the full sleeps, 0% means no sleep.
  15. Most likely not being intuitive, sorry about that! That error looks like you started the script without any accounts in the list. The second issue doesn't look related to the debug you posted, if you can provide me some more details on the second issue I can sort that? There is an issue with accounts that already have a username, I'm working on that now
  16. My apologies for the delay. I do my best to answer all support tickets within 24 hours from the time they're created, I apologize as that can be a long time to wait with money in transit. Nonetheless, I did just answer your ticket and you can read more about the situation there!
  17. While I don't think I'll ever be adding that feature (sorry!) you could use the script queue to chain an account creation to a quest script? I believe there are free scripts on the repository to get 7qp? J Quester Lite should do this!
  18. Are you saving the character appearance? You need to click edit on the accounts list tab, then edit the character appearance on the Tutorial Island settings tab, then click save on the Tutorial Island settings tab, then click save again on the accounts list tab. I'm very aware this isn't intuitive, I'm looking into improving this, I just haven't had a chance to yet! Can you send me the bot/client debug? Or feel free to add me on Discord, I can provide more direct support there
  19. Keyboard.typeKeys('3'); Should work, it's what I use
  20. If you load the client, and then use the set proxy feature to set the proxy for the tab, does that work?
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