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  1. Fluffee

    [URGENT] Just downloaded. Can't login.

    Try doing a password reset here and trying your login again
  2. Is there anything being printed in the bot/client debug? If so, can you post them both herr
  3. @erickho123 I also encountered the pouch issue, where the bot spam clicks pouches after withdrawal. If you need an account to test with by all means let me know. Stack trace:
  4. Having issues crafting Cosmic Runes via the Abyss. Script banks fine, and teleports in, but then gets stuck with the status "Tleporting with Zammy Mage". Obstacles selected are the mining rocks, and lighting a fire. I can provide an account to test if you need. Screenshot: Stack trace: Bot debug:
  5. I'll update the message in the next release so it's more descriptive. When I wrote it, I didn't actually consider that the RS servers might be down, so the message assumes it was your proxy that failed. My bad
  6. The hero we need I thought it was odd the all my proxies timed out at the exact same time. Thanks for clearing that up
  7. Update v3.012 Refactored some GUI classes for better abstraction Fixed bug where account could get stuck trying to enter the bank advisor room Fixed potential bug if an IO exception occurs when connecting to 2Captcha
  8. That display name is over 12 characters, which is why it's saying it's taken! I'll see if I can update the error message to be more accurate
  9. Update v3.011 Fixed issues with the first section of the Tutorial. Jagex hotfixed the settings, so some of the values changed.
  10. Try following this tutorial, it may help the issue:
  11. Fluffee

    I cant verify paypal to buy credits

    Were you not getting the email from TRiBot to verify your paypal account? I've heard of that issue before, and was never sure on the fix
  12. No, it just allows you to specify for account creation. You'll have to manually add the proxy to TRiBot if you want the script to use it for completing Tutorial Island
  13. As long as TRiBot is open the log persists! However, I did fix the issue Update v3.010 Fixed issue where when solely creating accounts the script would display an error even though it was not found Fixed a GUI bug where accounts that were set to complete tutorial could not be set to just be created Fixed the issue of creation only accounts not being written to the text file
  14. Are you just creating accounts without tutorial? Going to see if I can reproduce this
  15. It was on my end. My host for my wordlist went down, but as the servers I was using already had the list they didn't need to download it, Update v3.0.9 Fixed the word generation bug by uploading the wordlist to a new host
  16. Fluffee

    Webwalker and DPathNavigator bug

    You'll need to move your destination and start tiles at least a few tiles away from the object, it changes with the object. For the rat pit, I just use an RSArea, and the game settings and manually open the gate to leave the pit. Personally, I found DPath to be far too unreliable, so I mostly handle objects manually If you're interested in how I did this, the source for my tutorial island script is available here: https://bitbucket.org/Fluffee/fluffeestutorialisland Feel free to use anything there you might find helpful
  17. Fluffee

    Webwalker and DPathNavigator bug

    If you walk away from the door/gate the WebWalker or DPath will ignore it, and just go to the tile. Walking#walkPath also works really well for Tutorial Island. Or, if you'd prefer ultimate simplicity, use Dax's WebWalker it supports all of Tutorial Island as far as I know
  18. There's a chance the account name is taken. At least, I'm assuming it is. Try entering an account name you know is free, with those same settings instead of generating one, to see if it's an account name issue!
  19. Sure! Send me the account details sometime and I'll add it. There's no way to detect IP changes in TRiBot, as I can't get the IP the client is currently using. Perhaps if the accounts disconnected it would work? But if they remain connected, I can't think of a way to detect that change. .tribot/FluffeeScripts/TutorialIsland There was a small bug in my error detection code that was giving the wrong response. In that case, the issue looks to be with your email addresses, as you don't appear to have a domain for the emails. Update v3.0.8 Fixed a bug with the Combat section where the script would get stuck trying to open the worn interface even if the equipment tab was closed. Removed opening the door early at the first section, as they appear to have stopped that for the time being. The option is still in the GUI, it's just ignored by the script Fixed account creation error detection. Messages printed in debug are now accurate
  20. It supports SOCKS5 proxies. Having not used rotating proxies before, I would assume it'd be fine. But I don't know this. The proxy support of the script only extends as far as the account creation, everything else is handled by the TRiBot client. It can create accounts for you Yes, if supplied with the proxy information in the GUI Currently only 2Captcha is supported. However, if you had an account with another service you could loan me, I can certainly add it!
  21. Update v3.0.7 Fixed a bug where the script could get stuck attempting to melee the rat from outside the pit. If the bot enters the pit, and then leaves without killing a rat Fixed a bug where the script could get stuck trying to talk to the combat instructor while behind the mining gate Fixed a walking issue when trying to leave the cook area.
  22. Update v3.0.6 Added a work around to close the world map should it become opened. Added a tracker to the paint to see what account your on, out of the total number of accounts being ran through. Did some work on the login bot as well, but I'm facing issues with it supporting resizable. This could take some time.
  23. Update v3.0.5 Fixed potential NPE in the NPCChat class Fixed issue climbing the ladder after the combat section Sped up chat reaction time slightly. Making small adjustments to ensure I don't overshoot things Other various tweaks to underlying code. The only other thing I know of that there's an issue with, is sometimes the bot opens the world map when attempting to click the minimap. Sadly, this is a client bug, but I'm looking into it, to see if I can find a workaround for the time being.
  24. Fixed. I've literally ran about 100 accounts through in the past few days, most of which were on a low spec server to ensure my testing environment would perform worse than most PCs. Unless you're going to be in any way constructive, please refrain from posting here.