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  1. While I don't think I'll ever be adding that feature (sorry!) you could use the script queue to chain an account creation to a quest script? I believe there are free scripts on the repository to get 7qp? J Quester Lite should do this!
  2. Are you saving the character appearance? You need to click edit on the accounts list tab, then edit the character appearance on the Tutorial Island settings tab, then click save on the Tutorial Island settings tab, then click save again on the accounts list tab. I'm very aware this isn't intuitive, I'm looking into improving this, I just haven't had a chance to yet! Can you send me the bot/client debug? Or feel free to add me on Discord, I can provide more direct support there
  3. Fluffee

    How to press a key to select in a menu?

    Keyboard.typeKeys('3'); Should work, it's what I use
  4. Fluffee

    need helo with proxies login

    If you load the client, and then use the set proxy feature to set the proxy for the tab, does that work?
  5. Fluffee

    help please

    I believe you have Java 11 installed. You'll want to uninstall all Java versions that aren't Java 8
  6. Fluffee

    help please

    https://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000017496-error-wrong-java This should help you sort that out! It'll run you through installing the proper version, as the error message isn't clear about it
  7. I would be incredibly surprised not gonna lie. My tutorial island is largely just slow due to the chat response times, average about 20 minutes per completion, might have to lower them
  8. Tutorial island is a bit slower I'm glad to hear you're making good use of the script
  9. Fluffee

    VPS - Lowering lag/ Java issue help?

    Test it yourself, clicking the world map in resizable on 256 mb heap causes the heap to continuously max out. Mind you, it gets garbage collected down but if you're running a script it certainly doesn't leave much room, and eats a ton of CPU due to constant gc runs.
  10. Fluffee

    VPS - Lowering lag/ Java issue help?

    If you're running resizable and make any calls to Walking#clickTileMM it's rather likely to happen. It's a client bug, but until it's patched, running under 386mb is an easy way to have clients crash
  11. Fluffee

    VPS - Lowering lag/ Java issue help?

    If you click the world map with under 386 of heap you'll most likely hit out of memory errors in a few minutes, as the world map alone consumes a ton of memory.
  12. Are you generating names progrmatically or supplying the script with a username? Perhaps that's why it's not happening for me
  13. Does it happen every time or just sometimes? I haven't been able to reproduce it yet, but I'll have some kind of fix for it later today!
  14. Fluffee

    error loading scripts PLEASE HELP

    That looks like you have some local scripts on your PC that aren't loading correctly. You might try deleting those, and seeing how things go