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  1. This thread should help shed some light on how to automatically generate script queues
  2. What do you mean that the client isn't reflecting your VIP status? Are you getting notifications about not having VIP or? I apologize for not getting to your ticket, I was out if town this weekend
  3. As an addendum to this, VIP also does not remove the "Purchase VIP" button. That is a permanent fixture as you can always purchase extra VIP if you wish to
  4. Fluffee

    Fix this shit

    Looking Glass works with OSBuddy and our custom build of OpenOSRS. If you need help, feel free to shoot me a message!
  5. Try hooking to this client, it might be able to fix the issue: https://bitbucket.org/openosrsjava8/launcher/downloads/
  6. In order to sell any amount of credits, you must have at least a 100 post count, have been a member of TRiBot for at least two months and have VIP status on the forums. Once you have reached these requirements, you can transfer up to 5 credits, total, per month. If you'd like to transfer more than 5 credits per month, please see this thread where you can apply to have your credit limit increased.
  7. You do not meet the requirements to sell credits I'm afraid. You also need 100+ posts in order to sell credits.



    I don't need an agent in Hong Kong

    1. zongjingcheng


      I'm in Hong Kong

  9. That error is most likely caused by the proxy you're using.
  10. This build is now once again up and running
  11. Beyond these solutions, if you're still having issues, feel free to shoot me a message
  12. The scripts not appearing in the script manager would indicate to me a connection issue to TRiBot. When that happens, is there anything different printed in the bot/client debug? Maybe something there might help!
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