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  1. Fluffee

    Issue using Proxy

    @Todd That should probably be looked into. In the meantime, you'll need to change your proxy passwords while the Devs sort out a fix
  2. I'd say the issue is that you need to connect to the OSBuddy.jar instead of the official client. However, you did mention you tried that to no avail. If any of you are interested, feel free to PM me here or on Discord. I'll see if I can connect via TeamViewer to get this sorted You can also try downgrading your JDK to 8u102 instead of 8u221. Please uninstall all Java versions first before installing JDK 8u102
  3. Post on the script's thread and explain the issues you're having, godspower should be able to help you get the script sorted and functional
  4. Are you able to open the TRiBot Loader? If so, open it and tick the checkbox that says "Console Mode". Then try running TRiBot and see if there's anything printed in the loader when TRiBot closes.
  5. Try uninstalling all versions of Java, except one version of Java 8, then run jarfix and try to open TRiBot
  6. You must open TRiBot_Loader.jar with Java for it to work properly. The latest Java Development Kit (x86, 32 Bit version) is recommended for optimal use with TRiBot which can be downloaded from this link Java Development Kit Downloads. After that has been completed, try running this program to fix the .jar file associations and allow TRiBot to run with the latest java http://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html Alternatively, follow the steps in this thread to manually associate the proper java version with .jar files, and as a result, enable TRiBot to run properly. [PC] How To: Open the TRiBot_Loader.JAR file w/ Java [Pics]
  7. What happens are you try to buy credits?
  8. You probably need to switch from RuneLite to the OSBuddy.jar (the cross platform version of OSBuddy). I believe that's the current recommended client
  9. Later today, there's a small bug in the Loader that needs to be remedied before the release can go live
  10. @daxmagex Please respond.
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