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  1. Hi all, I'm currently in the process of rewriting this script to add some additional, theoretical antiban features as well as tidy up the code a fair bit. I'm also adding in a much nicer GUI to replace the old Swing UI I had. While I have a decent list of things I'd like to add, I'd like to gather as much input as possible, as it's always easier to add new features while things are being designed, versus adding major features after the fact. My current list of new features to add is as follows, but I'd love to have some extra ideas should anyone have them: Add support for specifying your proxy to use during account creation and captcha solving. Unsure if this actually makes a difference as TRiBot (as far as I know) proxifies the account creation, but doing it manually can't hurt. Add support for specifying user agent, and other HTTP request headers during account creation to make the creation requests look human. Add other captcha site support, outside of just 2Captcha. I don't think this serves any purpose outside of variety, perhaps some services are faster than others. Save/Load script settings, specify profile as a script argument. Remove the old script argument format, no more specifying values for each setting. Current accounts online tracker, per user and globally. This is a wishful feature, and I won't be prioritizing it in the slightest. I just think it's neat, but it adds 0 functional value. Remove dax webwalker, replace with TRiBot walking methods. As I don't currently pay for a private key for Dax's walker, I don't like throwing a ton of calls at the public key for distances of like 20 tiles (which is most of the walking on Tutorial Island). Will be using custom pathing, not TRiBot Web Walker (as it doesn't support Tutorial Island anyways, but I also want more control). Custom login bot to detect account locks Character Style customization Specify what the account should look like when creating (if you wanted an army of clones) Specify the order in which the creation buttons are pressed (top to bottom, random, etc.) Specify gender Getting Started Customization Choose answer to account age option Option to disable sound in game (sound will be disabled for the client via the script) Choose Spacebar for chat, numbers for chat, click continue with numbers, spacebar with click options, click everything Choose to click door early to skip dialog Option to navigate entire island without the minimap (In my head I picture this fitting accounts attempting to be called new players) Option to drop supplies and things as we're done with them to reduce weight Option to enable shift dropping on Tutorial Island Option to enable esc to close interfaces Survival Customization Option to catch two fish before cooking Option to only use your fire Option to level skills to level 3 before leaving Cook Customization Option to follow path on minimap, or just take quickest path to door Mining Customization Choose which rock to prospect first Choose which rock to mine first Option to level skills to level 3 Combat customization I was going to add options to level combat skills to 3, but I'm pretty sure you can't kill more than two rats (only one for melee, and then one for ranged). Banking Customization Deposit all items in inventory while at bank, deposit worn items while at bank and/or deposit no items Close poll booth by clicking minimap, or by clicking x/esc Close bank by clicking x or by clicking minimap Navigate to poll booth by turning screen or by minimap Post Tutorial Island More location support Custom locations I also plan to iron out any of the bugs I'm aware of (which aren't many); however, I'm sure the new release will have some of it's own bugs I'll need to solve as the time comes. Please feel free to respond here or shoot me a message with any additional features, I'd like to add as much as possible while I'm at it Here's a picture of the new GUI which is mostly done! Gotta love JavaFX and JFoenix. The colours and some particulars may change, but for the most part I'm pleased with it! However, feel free to offer little suggestions on that as well (GUIs take me a while, so I won't be taking big redesign suggestions for it).
  2. Fluffee

    Credit Purchase Gone Wrong

    @Todd @TRiLeZ
  3. Fluffee

    Private Script Request

    Can you please update your post with the script request form pinned in this section? It gives the Scripters an idea of what you're looking to spend, that way it's easier for you to find someone in your price range
  4. Fluffee

    Cant login

    The Admin's are aware of the issue, hopefully they'll have it resolved shortly. It appears to be an issue caused by a recent update to the forum software. I sincerely apologize for the delay I know how upset I'd be if this happened to me just after I purchased a subscription.
  5. Fluffee

    Cant login

    Have you guys tried deleting your .tribot folders and then attempting to login? It's a long shot but it might work! Please respond back if it does or doesn't, so a working solution can be found :)
  6. Fluffee

    Linux/Ubuntu Dependencies Bug

    You're using the OpenJDK, sadly TRiBot doesn't support that so you'll need to switch to Oracle JDK instead
  7. Fluffee

    Linux/Ubuntu Dependencies Bug

    That's a new one. If you run the Loader from the command line is there anything else printed?
  8. Fluffee

    TRiBot Release 9.308_6

    Assuming you haven't already, you should make an issue on the GitHub as well. I know that's what Todd checks most often, unsure about TRiLeZ https://github.com/tribotissues/tribotissues/issues
  9. Fluffee

    [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Locked, script is Premium again
  10. Fluffee

    Random handler not working

    Do you mean your bot isn't solving randoms or isn't dismissing them?
  11. Fluffee

    Can't Login to Tribot?

    You need to enter your TRiBot username, not your email address. So you'd enter mbanejad94 in the username field of the TRiBot loader
  12. Fluffee

    Cannot log in to client

    Did you signup your TRiBot Account with facebook?
  13. Fluffee

    Looking Glass - Can't Detect Client

    Looks like a problem with the TRiBot Firewall or your personal PC firewall. I would suggest disabling both (including Windows Firewall) and trying to connect again.