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  1. Yeah, my bitbucket is a bit outdated as I did some refactoring to change the way I was passing variables around. In addition, I restructured some of the methods in some base framework classes to try and tidy up the logic a bit. Sorry about that! I should have it up to date soon, hopefully by the end of the day Update v4.020 Fix NPE errors after creating one account Fix infinite loop problem when creating more than one account Fix email only being generated for the first account you create Further refactoring changes
  2. Update v4.012 Fix issue with loading created accounts Fix issue where the script would NPE on the second account
  3. @filthyfrank @yuleiziyun Here's my understanding of the thread, if I'm misunderstanding please let me know! My chinese (?) isn't good (I don't speak a word of it sadly), so I can't actually read the Skype conversation. Filthyfrank sold 100 Twitch prime accounts for 100m 07 These accounts were sold on the last day of the prime promotion, meaning there was a chance they would not work long term Both of your acknowledged and agreed to this 50 of the Twitch Prime accounts sold did not work However, this is not an issue because both parties agreed that some accounts may not work The other 50 accounts were not delivered? If this is the case, then I'm curious about why the other 50 accounts were not delivered? Granted they probably wouldn't work either, but the buyer is still entitled to them.
  4. Why? Is there anything in particular about the error that causes that? One thing you could try, to further troubleshoot the issue would be to remove all the scripts from your bin folder and see if the issue persists. Once they're out of the bin folder, the local script loading issues should go away
  5. While that is an error, if usually doesn't cause a client reload. So I'm curious if that is actually the root cause As for the script not loading, is it in the proper package?
  6. Saving settings, I think I know what broke that. That I can understand. If you try to launch the script without saving, does it work okay? Sorry about the delay, here's the link to the login repo: https://bitbucket.org/teamfluffee/fluffeeslogin/src/master/
  7. You can upgrade actually! You'll want to go to this link: TRiBot VIP Manager Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you should see the option to pay the difference to upgrade to VIP-Extended for the remainder of your subscription.
  8. What's happening that's causing you to believe your VIP status isn't working? I'm hoping it's something we can resolve
  9. There was an issue with out latest deployment, to fix it select version 10.20.2 from the loader instead of the latest 10.21.0 I'm sure Todd will have a cleaner fix later today!
  10. There was an issue with out latest deployment, to fix it select version 10.20.2 from the loader instead of the latest 10.21.0 I'm sure Todd will have a cleaner fix later today!
  11. Update - v4.010 Add help documentation (found under the ? icon in the script GUI) Resolve NPE when trying to set the gender of the account @BenDol Add failsafe to ensure arrows and bow are both equipped before attempting to range rats Fix generating numbers when a username is already in use Update - v4.011 Update warning popups to include directions to find the help documentation.
  12. All I did was build it with Java 8 instead of 11. I didn't actually touch any of the code
  13. If you really want a browser PaleMoon may work better? I can't say for certain though
  14. Sadly, that's a TRiBot limitation and not something I'm able to circumvent at the moment. For some reason those files are only synchronized in one direction (from the loader to the client) and not the other way around
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