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  1. Update v1.2.6 Added support for number generation above 10. The new max number is 1000 Changed the way accounts are saved. All accounts can now be found in the FluffeeScripts folder, under the .txt file FTI-YourTRiBotUsername_Created_Accounts.txt. Accounts are saved as username:password and are only saved if Tutorial Island is completed, or if the accounts are successfully created assuming you check the box to not complete tutorial island.

    What client are you attempting to hook to? What Java version are you running?
  3. You can cycle through the threads and kill all threads related to the antiban in TRiBot, which would solve your problem. Otherwise, you'll need to be a Scripter to disable the threads. My guess is that TRiLeZ does this to ensure every thread has a minimalistic amount of antiban to make sure scripts weren't instaban with crazily robotic actions, but I'm unsure of the exact reason. I believe, all of the stuff you're referring to is disabled anyways when ABC2 is implemented, and is then handled by ABC2. If you'd like to read more about the science behind that, I suggest you check this thread:
  4. Report broken button in script repo

    I'm unsure if this would be added, but if someone PMs me a script that isn't working, I'd take a look and manually add it to the thread. However, as Einstein said having a button would become a mess in my opinion. USA does read the thread and remove the scripts, it's just an underused thread.
  5. Refund request for Delta Woodcutter IAO by TRiLeZ

    If the script doesn't work then you'd want to open a script dispute. A script dispute is essentially a claim against the script, where you are requesting a refund due to the script not functioning and the scripter not making enough movement to fix the bugs you've reported. It's worth noting for you and for anyone else who reads this that bans are not a reason to open a disputes, and script disputes are only considered valid if the script does not work as advertised. If you do decide to go the script dispute route, please read this post by admin USA where he outlines the proper way to file a dispute, and the proper criteria for filing a dispute Script Dispute Information
  6. Scammed by 'Jab'

    @mithrilman I completely forgot this dispute was still open, is this resolved?
  7. You can go ahead and retry a purchase if you wish to! Purchases that glitch out and don't result in credit delivery are automatically refunded after a few days
  8. buying 8 credits $10 paypal

    Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to buy credits and VIP using PayPal: How To: Purchase TRiBot Credits & VIP w/ PayPal @YoHoJo
  9. Again, as far as I know, there isn't one. Most proxifiers won't work well trying to proxify the same application differently, proxychains on Linux might, but even that's speculation You actually have to pay to run more than one client anyways, so even if this was solved you'd still have to pay for that feature!
  10. Mass Account Creation Help

    I'd recommend paying with Bitcoin if that's an option for you, pick BitCoin up via CoinBase or elsewhere and then use 2Captcha's BTC payment option
  11. buying 8 credits $10 paypal

    Assuming you've already tried to purchase through TRiBot directly with PayPal, your next option is to find a reseller who takes PayPal. I believe YoHoJo does on his site https://www.yohogold.com/
  12. [Tutorial] [Release] Fluffee's TRiBot Proxy Adder

    What? Did you bother to read the original post? It's entirely written in autohotkey, code is publicly available
  13. Premade OSRS newbie accounts needed

    Please update the original post to reflect this if you wouldn't mind
  14. As far as I know? No, as you'd still be calling the exact same processes. As for the WideCap error, it must not support .jar files as I thought it had. Even so, it encounters the same issues with attempting to proxify multiple instances of the same application. As will most Windows proxifiers.