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  1. why do I not have access to LG? I am should .... am i the only one?
  2. Is the auto login fucked up guys? it seems to put my email in twice ... and yes I do have "rememeber username" turned of. Please Help!
  3. Guys is it only me or is the auto-logging fucked up? it seams to put the email in twice and yes I did take off "remember username" on osbuddy ... please help!
  4. Just bought 2 codes, deff legit trust. hurry and get your's! ends 6/08 guys id take advantage
  5. Yo bro , i just mssged you on skype. Im tryn buy a code for osrs
  6. Im not sure what it is but the script has been fucking up for me alot! Most of the times it does not take the potions on time and causes my account to get kicked out of the dream THEN it stays in the same spot like a dumbass. Un-able to get even close to the bank... I cant trust it to leave it botting for long hours at A time man. Its been like that since I got the script last Saturday. PLEASE HELP
  7. Nmz bot is really bad , it fucks up so much. Wont take the potions on time and it will cause it to get kicked out then it wont bank at all... cant trust it to leave it running
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