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  1. Tribot handles all of this - if you are still missing the script after restarting the client you could try opening up a support ticket at the tribot help desk
  2. It's hard to say why that would happen without the debug/your settings
  3. If this method requires anything special like it has to lure the ardy knight or something then it won't support it. It can splash/attack something on screen from a safespot.
  4. Most premium scripts offer trials for reasons similar to this - nCrafter offers a 90 minute trial
  5. I've refunded your auth since you haven't used the script and just purchased it. It's something I'd like to add but it is lower priority and I'm really busy right now
  6. The settings at Advanced Preferences -> Methods -> Alching -> Keep mouse still while alching, if possible, is enabled by default. You can disable this if you don't like that behavior.
  7. Check out the section on 'wilderness hunting' on this thread - it requires some special configuration so that it can bank/teleport back
  8. "Purchase supplies, train to 30 mining, get 100 nuggets at MLM, and get a coal bag" must be enabled for it to train mining If you are 100% sure you have this enabled then please send me the debug when it does that
  9. If you see that message again could you screenshot it so I can see exactly what it was? I'll be able to add a failsafe - no worries if you can't.
  10. When it was trying to place a trap on a tile it couldn't, was there a game message in the chatbox (like 'you can't place that trap here' or something like that), and if so, do you know what it was? Also, what teleport are you using for black chins? Try a games necklace - unfortunately most of the pathing is handled by dax walker so I don't believe theres much I can do about that unless I wrote custom paths
  11. You can actually completely customize the entire sequence by using the custom location option (I think you can find it in advanced preferences) if you wanted to test it out.
  12. Can you try restarting tribot? This only happens if tribots cache reader is having issues, and the script would have issues actually running because of this so it ends right away
  13. Did a quick test on my account and it's doing all four ' You didn't include the inventory in that screenshot - are you sure you have more nets/ropes in your inventory? Otherwise could you send me the debug? What tribot version are you using?
  14. Can your take a screenshot/gif? I want to see what the paint looks like. It paints on the tiles selected. Did you press the "Add nearest tree" button in the gui to add the trees?
  15. @brundell1993 Hey I'm sorry to hear you're having issues. Unfortunately my scripts will only work with tribot. I've submitted a bug report of the root cause of the client freezing issue located here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/-/issues/486 You could try running tribot 10 and see if that works:
  16. I can't say I have a lot of experience with these items - what would be needed for it?
  17. Unfortunately I have no control of how tribot handles instance tracking. Here's some more info: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/65078-quick-tutorial-the-maximum-instances-issue/
  18. This script will not reach the rates that the wikipedia states. Their rates are extremely high and essentially assume perfect tick usage/clicks. Some tips to improve bars/hr: 1. Zoom out a bit so the script doesn't have to use the camera (don't zoom out too much or it might cause clicking issues) 2. Use resizable (though not necessary if you zoom out a lot) 3. Use left click withdraw all 4. Increase script mouse speed (note that the "mouse speed variance limiter" in the tribot settings must be 0 for this to apply) 5. Use escape close bank 6. Try using these settings - always screenwalk to dispenser, 'prefer efficient dispenser tiles', 'try left click when screenwalking' 7. Make sure your accounts aren't lagging, due to how click intensive the script is any lag/paint delay will cause the script to slow down a noticable amount as the slight delays in between each click will add up (paint delay slows the script as well) 8. Ensure you have enough heap space for your clients (generally around 378 will work fine). If you don't provide enough heap space, java garbage collection will run often which will freeze the client temporarily and use a bit of extra cpu power in the process. You can view heap space usage in the tribot client via debug -> heap space. 9. Minimizing your clients will cause tribot to disable graphics within the client. This can save resources if you are lagging.
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