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  1. You need java 8, java 11 is missing certain things that are required to run the client. https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html
  2. One hour of botting anything is very unlikely to get you banned in itself (unless you're botting f2p level 3s which are highly monitored). This means that most likely you were flagged from doing something else. Sure, you could have been banned from this script but there's a much larger chance that it was something else (whatever you were botting before) that got you banned, and not something that you were only botting for one hour which really leaves some uncertainty around the ban (which discussing it on a script thread is actually against the rules, ban discussion should stay on the official ban discussion thread because there's too much uncertainty around bans to place it on one script).
  3. You must have blocked the connection/have your tribot firewall enabled but this makes it pretty clear you were banned from something else.
  4. You never even ran the script according to my logs. One hour and thirty minutes isn't going to get you banned, its pretty clear its some sort of delayed ban and I highly doubt you haven't botted in the last month.
  5. Based on your forum posts you've used an incredible number of bots so you have no idea if this really got you banned. Tons of people have used this to 99 easily. Please refrain from making poorly grounded allegations. You've actually never ran this script according to my logs.
  6. Are you 100% sure you have coal? Can you take a gif of the bot starting and stopping with having coal in the bank (With the debug included in the gif) and PM me it please? Also did you close your clients out when deleting hooks/jagex cache?
  7. I'm not sure; watch the script and see if there's anything that's slow. Are you using looking glass?
  8. Added the ability to mass change/reset item settings by right clicking your item list. Let me know if there is any issues.
  9. To load my script with arguments you type “settings:settingsName” which is stated in the GUI
  10. You choose when to pot in the settings; adjust the value you've chosen in the potion section of the GUI
  11. Screenshots are in your .tribot/screenshots folder, although I don't think that had anything to do with you being banned
  12. If you're running single games you don't need those. If you select multiple games then it will be available.
  13. Either you've started the script with attack selected or you have an attack-training progression entry
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