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  1. 34 hour proggy by @richardsj1127 Description: This simple script kills sand crabs on Zeah or Crabclaw Island. It supports potions, food, and banking. It allows you to select custom crab tiles and reset tiles. You can also save and load GUI settings from a basic JavaFX GUI. Instructions: Start the script somewhere on Zeah. If you are using Crabclaw Island then please start on the Island or start with 10k in your inventory for the boat and the script will handle the rest and will withdraw another 10k when banking (if we banking). Make sure that you have your game chat to display all - not filtered! (for eating and drinking potions) Requirements: Essentially none, however you probably want some base stats before you go to sand crabs. Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2602 Pictures: Paint GUI Features: 100% free! Cool JavaFX GUI Food Potions Banking Custom tiles Crabclaw Island support Save/Load settings Open source! Bugs/Errors: Please leave bug reports down below. I will fix them as soon as possible - they are very much appreciated. I did not get to do extensive testing on this script so if there are any bugs let me know and I will fix them promptly. Suggestions: If anyone has any suggestions that could help make the script even better than please let me know, I am open to any suggestions. To Do: Increase antiban User suggestions Fix bugs (if they exist, will keep testing) GUI lags sometimes, not sure why. Source This is my first script that I am releasing as open source. I am not too experienced with java, I only began learning a little over a year ago. Therefore, if you see anything that you would change please let me know I am always open to learning new things. However, please don't be a dick about it or be rude. Also it is my first time JavaFX so if anyone has any suggestions on doing it differently/better I would appreciate it. Furthermore it is my first time using github so if I did anything wrong with that please let me know. Thanks again - Naton Heres the source code - https://github.com/Naton1/Tribot/tree/master/sandcrabs
  2. Naton

    Progressive Fletcher V6

  3. Naton

    [Free][Open Source][JavaFX] nSand Crabs

    Just google how to delete hooks tribot and I've just fixed it so it will allow camera movement, that was a small oversight of mine. Can you explain exactly how its not going back to the reset tile? Pictures really help. Try deleting hooks first though.
  4. Naton

    [Free][Open Source][JavaFX] nSand Crabs

    Could you elaborate? Any pictures? Try deleting hooks and restarting the client
  5. GUYS PLEASE DELETE HOOKS.DAT AND RESTART THE CLIENT TWICE IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY BUGS. TRIBOT NEEDS TO BE UPDATED AFTER RUNESCAPE UPDATES. I'M GETTING SICK OF TELLING PEOPLE THIS. THE SCRIPT WORKS 100% IF YOU FOLLOW THOSE SIMPLE DIRECTIONS. Would you like to max out all of your runescape accounts for free? Using a script that has 99% perfect performance? Look no further! This script is for you. Description: This bot plays Nightmare Zone according to the chosen settings. The settings allow you to play the game mode in a variety of ways, supporting almost everything you could want. Instructions: Make sure to start the script on FIXED MODE Please start the account near NMZ to reduce any problems with getting to the location Make sure you that you disable user input Make sure that you have your game chat to display all - not filtered! Requirements: An account that can play the Nightmare Zone minigame, needs atleast five specific quests. Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2527 Pictures: I was going to max this account before release however I have been too busy so I just decided to release it EXP: Entirely dependent on your stats and gear, however it is possible to gain upwards of 100k xp/hr!; Features: 100% free! Extensive GUI allowing for a variety of ways to play the minigame Basic location information upon script startup that can be hidden for subsequent runs Awesome paint that dynamically displays information about XP gained Supports almost everything you could want in NMZ Save/Load settings Signatures! Signatures: Located at www.nscripting.com/nmz/signatures/users + your tribot username + .png Progress Reports: Bugs/Errors: Please leave bug reports down below. I will fix them as soon as possible - they are very much appreciated. Suggestions: If anyone has any suggestions that could help make the script even better than please let me know, I am open to any suggestions. To Do: Fix getting potions from the barrel Add user submitted suggestions Fix any bugs reported Add more spec weapons Make GUI less ugly I have been working on this for the past two months, was going to max out my account before release however I became too busy and stopped paying attention to botting my account. It supports essentially everything you could want in NMZ. Let me know if you encounter any bugs, I was playing on an account with only the five quests completed so I never had to click the "previous" button, then click start so I did a quick test before I released but this part was not tested extensively.
  6. Naton

    How do I get/activate scripts?

    I don't use proxifier so I can't help you there, sorry
  7. Naton

    How do I get/activate scripts?

    When you press activate you can then automatically use the script with the client. It will show up in your list of scripts when you press start script.
  8. Good, it should work perfectly if it has worked so far. Thanks for letting me know
  9. The script should now more reliably drink overloads/absorptions by using varbits instead of other methods (something I should have done a long time ago). Someone please let me know ASAP if it works correctly, I don't have an account to test atm.
  10. Naton

    can jagex detect clients

    Theres no way jagex can be like yup this guy is logging in from the tribot client. They MAY be able to tell if you are logged in with their own client/osbuddy or not but nobody really knows a lot on this topic.
  11. I think I have a way to optimize overload drinking, I’ll try to implement it later today
  12. Naton

    proxy question

    You need VIP-E to use proxies
  13. Naton

    TRiBot Release 9.400_0

    Beautiful update, thank you trilez
  14. Naton

    RSItem Sorter

    I really just taught myself it by messing around with functional interfaces after seeing them in some open source scripts. Oracle is the best reference to learn new stuff.
  15. Naton

    RSItem Sorter

    Just as a heads up, item.getDefinition() can return null (although no often). Also when you length check the array in the beginning, might as well just return the same array if its less then 2 (instead of 1) because theres no need to sort a single array. Another thing that could save you some time is becoming familiar with functional programming. For example, your whole sort by ID could be replaced with this Arrays.sort(RSItem[], (i1, i2) -> i1.getID() - i2.getID()); Functional is really a style choice in my opinion, although some will argue that it is better. Just trying to make you aware of it if you haven't seen it before. I definitely prefer functional ever since I have learned it. Thank you for trying to provide snippets to the community, I love to see people try to help out and make tribot even better.
  16. Never worry about having to grind out best in slot pure gear ever again! This perfectly running script will AFK castle wars for you and you will never have to play another game of castle wars! Simply start the script anywhere you would like and the script will move to castle wars and hop to world 34 and AFK castle wars games. Make sure to not have any items that are not allowed in Castle Wars as well as not wearing a cape or hat. (I will be implementing a check for this soon) This script uses its own unique antiban to near perfectly simulate how you would AFK a game of castle wars. I have not received any bans or anything using this script even when running for 24 hours. If you would like to be safe then make sure to not run it more than 10 hours a day or if you are worried you can always babysit the script. However, if you choose not to babysit, the script will run perfectly fine as it is not necessary. Please report any bugs you may notice. Thank you and enjoy Activate the script here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2436 Pictures: Source: https://github.com/Naton1/Tribot/tree/master/castlewarsv2
  17. Naton

    Drag Items to Slots

    Make sure to null check the interface
  18. Grats man! Code is looking good too, nice job
  19. The problem with buying too many potions should be fixed. (I guess Game#getVarBit doesn't work)
  20. Sorry I don’t make those decisions but the benefit of tribot is that it’s not some ad covered piece of junk that barely works. It allows you to select a range of hp that when reached, you will rock cake down to 1 hp. For example if you select 1-10, it will pick a random value and in the range each time that when reached, you will rock cake down to 1hp. If you want to rock cake anytime you are above 1 hp, than you just enter 1 as the min and 1 as the max