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  1. Can you please click Script -> Print Script Stack Trace in the tribot client a few times and send the debug, while it's doing this? Edit: never mind I think I know the cause of this, working on a fix
  2. Can you send me the debug when it turns off? Follow this gif https://i.imgur.com/JruOAaz.gif
  3. Some tips to improve bars/hr: 1. Zoom out a bit so the script doesn't have to use the camera (don't zoom out too much or it might cause clicking issues) 2. Use resizable (though not necessary if you zoom out a lot) 3. Use left click withdraw all 4. Increase script mouse speed (note that the "mouse speed variance limiter" in the tribot settings must be 0 for this to apply) 5. Use escape close bank 6. Try using these settings - always screenwalk to dispenser, 'prefer efficient dispenser tiles', 'try left click when screenwalking' 7. Make sure your accounts aren't lagging, due to how click intensive the script is any lag/paint delay will cause the script to slow down a noticable amount as the slight delays in between each click will add up (paint delay slows the script as well) 8. Ensure you have enough heap space for your clients (generally around 378 will work fine). If you don't provide enough heap space, java garbage collection will run often which will freeze the client temporarily and use a bit of extra cpu power in the process. You can view heap space usage in the tribot client via debug -> heap space. 9. Minimizing your clients will cause tribot to disable graphics within the client. This can save resources if you are lagging.
  4. Are you possibly able to take a gif of this? I think this may be an issue with tribot's login screen world hopper so I may have to make my own.
  5. Yes, you can scale down the ABC2 reaction times if you look to the right of the main GUI
  6. How so? Can you provide more information? Edit: This should be fixed now, let me know if you're still having issues.
  7. Added an option to Advanced Preferences -> Misc. -> Leave on max points
  8. Naton

    nRogues Den

    Can you take a gif of this?
  9. Can you take a gif of what it's doing? I submitted a fix earlier today and it seems to be working for me. Make sure you're pressing "start script" and not "re-run script" in order to download the latest version
  10. Naton

    nRogues Den

    Fixed issue where it would get stuck if the account hadn't started Rogues Den yet
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