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  1. Naton

    Need Some Quick Help

    1) Inventory.getCount(String... names) > 0 Can do Banking.depositAllExcept() which returns an int of the item count deposited, not a boolean Or RSItem[] items = Inventory.find(Predicate<RSItem>); for (RSItem item : Inventory.filterDuplicates(items)) Banking.deposit(item, 0); 2) Easiest way to see if inventory contains an item is just check the count Inventory.getCount() == 1 3) Run energy is Game.getRunEnergy() Look through the API/google and you should have been able to find these all easily
  2. Naton

    Getting this error on some scripts since update today

    Have you tried deleting hooks?
  3. Naton

    Getting this error on some scripts since update today

    This exception has nothing to do with a script but is something with the UI. It's likely meaningless. Scripts should all be working fine afaik
  4. I can't support this because low levels and 1 def will die sometimes if this were to happen, they need to be directly logged out I can think about this but I don't know if I'll really add it in, I'd imagine it's really niche and will increase ban rate
  5. Naton

    Scripts Package

    Are you repeatedly calling the method? I believe it will try a few times to make sure it typed everything correctly and then return false
  6. Naton

    Scripts Package

    The proper way to check if you're logged in is Login.getLoginState() == STATE.INGAME
  7. Naton

    Scripts Package

    Showing your whole code would help to understand exactly what you're trying to do
  8. Naton

    Scripts Package

    Does eclipse properly build it and give you .class files anywhere?