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  1. Great! Currently I have it set to only train smithing, because its hard to keep a level 3 alive doing knights sword (when mining blurite) but I will take a look at it.
  2. Naton

    [Free][Open Source][JavaFX] nSand Crabs

    Yes, its all slightly randomized to prevent distinct patterns.
  3. Naton

    [Free][Open Source][JavaFX] nSand Crabs

    It uses dax walker
  4. I've thought about it but there is no reason to use super ranging potions instead of overloads because overloaded stats will never decrease until the 5 minutes are up, whereas ranging potions will decrease until you drink another dose
  5. Naton

    barrel balancing at warriors guild

    Nobody can guarantee you that a script will be capable of 7-8 hours a day 6 days a week with no bans
  6. Account preparing beta should be released tomorrow after some final tests (note that its still in beta), I ran the script on a fresh level 3 just off tutorial island with 1.7m on it within an hour or two it was at blast furnace running great
  7. Thanks It really does have potential to make good money, especially with the twitch prime deals right now. When I first began creating this script, my plan was to have it do knights sword. However, I realized that trying to make a level 3 account with 10 hp survive through ice giants and ice warriors would be a little harder/more risky so I decided to simply go with the easy solution of just manually training. I probably won't switch anytime soon but I could end up changing my mind.
  8. Started this script on a fresh level 3 with 2m yesterday morning, already at almost 7m and still going. Perfect with very cheap twitch memberships EDIT: Now I'm at 8.3m, easy 6.3m profit on a fresh level 3. After factoring in the twitch price account cost, 6m profit on one account (3m a day).
  9. Naton

    [Free][Open Source][JavaFX] nSand Crabs

    Ammonite crabs @DAQINGREX Im pretty sure potion drinking works because I know others who use it so you may have set it up wrong. If it is a problem with the script, I will not be getting around to it as my new crab script will be complete within the next week, making this one obsolete.