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  1. Naton

    Why am I still getting NullPointer?

    you should also cache the value bankInterface.getChild(NOTED_INTERFACE).getChild(0) because you use it twice
  2. Naton

    Austins Cooker

    sounds amazing
  3. http://www.letmegooglethat.com/?q=how+to+delete+hooks+tribot
  4. try deleting hooks and restarting twice because it definitely will rock cake
  5. They probably changed the interface ID for the coffin. I'll check it out. Try deleting hooks and restarting twice
  6. Naton

    [Free][Open Source][JavaFX] nSand Crabs

    Alright i'll see what i can do
  7. Naton


    gimme ur monkfish
  8. Naton

    ABC util not waiting full reaction time

    perhaps try to print the stack trace in case the exception is thrown just so you know if that is causing it
  9. Theres tons of guides on google/youtube so look for that. Make sure you have already played atleast one game of customizeable rumble before running this script, because it will try to use your previous options and will encounter an error if you have none.
  10. Naton

    [Free][Open Source][JavaFX] nSand Crabs

    Just uploaded something that might fix the reset issue. Let me know if it helped.
  11. Naton

    [Free][Open Source][JavaFX] nSand Crabs

    Yeah I can definitely fix this
  12. Naton

    [Free][Open Source][JavaFX] nSand Crabs

    @ung1v3npur3 just uploaded a fix to deposit random items Let me know of any other bugs you encounter
  13. Naton

    [Free][Open Source][JavaFX] nSand Crabs

    I can fix that