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  1. Naton

    Bug reporting integrated into Tribot

    I like the idea but I have 2 concerns. 1. Many people don't add enough information to their bug reports, even when you tell them to follow a certain format. I usually need to ask follow up questions to get the real information from the person. 2. Most "bug" reports I get are users doing something wrong, and this may defer them from continuing to try and figure it out themselves because the "bug report" is so readily available.
  2. Added custom login handling since the tribot loginbot breaks stuff at the moment. Hopefully this works well, let me know if there's any problems
  3. I'll definitely add this when I get a chance, there's just more to it then it seems like at first glance
  4. I assume you mean purchasing the exact amount of potions from the chest as opposed to fully restocking the barrels right? I’d have to go in and change a few values, and calculate the amount of potions needed. This could have a few side affects that would need to be checked, so I won’t be doing this right away.
  5. You can click on the help section of the progression gui for help, if you need further help let me know
  6. What do you mean? If you have strength selected at the start it shouldn't change your attack style at all
  7. Nice one minute preview of the GUI. Few minor things will be added/improved but overall, it is pretty complete. Here's a better version from wasted If you guys have any ideas for what you'd like to see in the paint, feel free to let us know.
  8. I could change it to check the current amount of points but probably won’t be doing that any time soon as the user can simply set up the initial inventory in the rare instance that it isn’t a good idea to fully stock up the barrels
  9. Naton

    Client black screen after certain runtime

    Someone in my discord was saying that they were having this issue as well
  10. At the moment, don't run this script while logged out. The login bot breaks the mouse listener (which tracks the time since last action) which is crucial in this script. It will perform very weird behavior because of this. We have to wait until the dev team fixes this issue... https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/issues/83
  11. The devs are aware with of this, its a problem with the latest update. Someone said that starting the accounts logged in will make the breaks work (I don't know, this is just speculation. I'm not running any accounts)
  12. It will try to buy the max amount of points it can to properly fill the barrels, you have to start with enough points
  13. Currently it runs into problems with the bank pin, because the bank pin does not immediately appear (and therefore, the tribot pin solver doesn't solve it). If you wish to use the script with an account that has a bank pin, then you can only run single games (or make sure it doesn't log out at all). Otherwise you'll have to remove the pin. Most people don't bot with bank pins, which is why it hasn't come up often. I will look into adding in support for bank pins and multiple games though. As for the inventory thing, you most likely set up your inventory wrong. For some reason you have overload (3) in your inventory instead of overload (4)