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  1. Can you take a gif of what's actually happening? There's a check to make sure it's not in combat right before it hops already
  2. I’ll look into making sure it won’t try to click a world while in combat although it should already wait. Make sure to set your safe tile where crabs can’t respawn and attack you while trying to hop. Are you using looking glass?
  3. It's never going to be able to reach the rates of the wiki, don't use that as a reference. That assumes max efficiency with perfect tick usage
  4. Glad it's working well for you It doesn't currently support the smithing cape, I'm pretty sure the extra time spent to fill/take out 10 ores isn't actually worth it in the long run (maybe I'm wrong. never really tested it)
  5. Yes that's what mini breaking does. You're able to configure it any way you would like. And as for the other thing, that should be fixed now I think. Did you have the option to move the mouse off the screen when idle enabled? This is exactly what mini breaking does, you can configure it in the advanced preferences
  6. Someone else actually wanted this the other day too so I may look at add it in. Not sure when I can get to it though as I'm extremely busy with school atm.
  7. Yeah there's a lot of options; it's really up to the user to figure out/decide what works best for them. Feel free to join my discord and ask anyone there what their recommended settings are however most people aren't too open about what works for them because they don't want to potentially ruin their method.
  8. Please read the bug report section in the thread. You must delete hooks and restart the client twice before saying anything.
  9. I don't believe anyone has reported getting banned yet but jagex also hasn't really been banning for the last two weeks so I'm not sure of the ban rate.
  10. The script works fine for many people. Did you restart your client twice? Are you using looking glass?
  11. Don't have anything planned. I'm pretty busy with school atm and I want to focus on improving this script (nMercher) as much as I can.
  12. Yes the mule can run on the same pc and I believe f2p will work fine (although f2p may potentially lead to higher risk of your mule being banned - this is just speculation, don't take it as a fact)