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  1. Jagex is having some server issues atm. If you check the osrs reddit you're not alone. I kept restarting and it eventually loaded.
  2. Make sure you are running the latest version of tribot. If that doesn't fix your issues then please take a gif of what's happening.
  3. I have four weeks off from school starting around December 17th. Possibly in this time I will look into it or begin a rewrite of the script
  4. Yes I still plan to add manual margin checking. I also need to know more about when it is leaving money in the inventory. Is there empty GE slots?
  5. Yeah I can look into this It should now handle the message if it ever appears
  6. Go to File -> Settings in your tribot client and disable "Use hook storage", then restart the client
  7. Why do you have food in your inventory? If you bring food the script will think it's meant to use food rather than pray. I can look to change this.
  8. What exactly is it doing and what do you think it should be doing?
  9. No that's it. You don't actually need to configure this at all (its optional). The thing that must be done for it to drink potions is to have the potion included in your inventory setup in the GUI.
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