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  1. Thats very odd, I haven't submitted any changes to the script in awhile. Have you tried deleting hooks.bat and restarting the client twice? That tends to fix most issues like that.
  2. I'll look at it tomorrow after school, its late here atm. Shouldn't be a hard fix
  3. Sorry, been busy but I will be looking at this shortly
  4. I thought it was unnecessary to be able to save the auto trader as the auto trader simply sits where ever you start it and accepts trades, there is no real customization
  5. Not currently, I can't really think of any ways around that. If you have any ideas let me know.
  6. It should do that if you have it set to eat at 1hp? Do you have it set to use only after using potions or whenever your above a certain amount
  7. Have you tried deleting hooks.bat and restarting twice at all? Not sure what could cause that as its simply a tribot method. Do you have "Prayer potions" selected
  8. No unfortunately I haven't added anything else in yet, I don't have like 75 range for example to test it with
  9. Thats weird it shouldn't be checking your shield then I'll have to check my script for any errors soon, try deleting hooks.bat and restarting the client twice though
  10. What does the bot/client debug say?
  11. Hmm other people have said that too, I'll try to get on later and fix that.
  12. Hourly option for local script.

    5 bucks a month isn't all that much
  13. Does the bot/script debug say anything? Maybe the settings arent fully filled out?
  14. That must be some sort of tribot error then, not sure what else I can say. I'll try to look into it more though