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  1. You can use custom spec weapons (Advanced Preferences -> Special Attack -> Spec Weapon)
  2. It looks like you're getting logged out for some reason. I can improve my failsafe to perform an action to stay logged in, although I don't think this is the cause because it was performing actions within the last couple minutes that it was logged out. Could you be disconnecting from rs for some reason?
  3. 230k/hr is the expected rate for the script (and is what I got when testing gold), the script doesn't have perfect tick usage or anything, hard to do with users having varying levels of internet and machines Congrats!
  4. The prior version was free so there the instances issue would never occur.
  5. Tribot handles instance tracking, there's nothing I can do about this sorry. Here's more information:
  6. Can you send the debug (copy and paste to pastebin)? This is how to get the debug if you are unsure
  7. Can you provide more information about how it is broken? I don't have an account with the tan leather requirements.
  8. I would need to see the debug to say what happened, or if you're able to watch the script and see what happens that would be helpful. I'm testing it now running 1 game.
  9. One approach is that you could have the tribot break handler set up to take a break (of your desired length) every 20 minutes or so which would probably do this. By default the script will wait until the game is complete (though there is an option to leave the current game for breaks) for the tribot break handler break to occur. Having it every 20 minutes would ensure that is has time to start up a new game before the new break triggers (and then it waits for the game to finish for the break). I might be able to add some option to guarantee this behavior but I can't promise anything.
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