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  1. Can you also include the client debug? Are you running xPrayer or another script by xCode? I've seen this before and its due to previously used scripts on that client that unnecessarily shutdown javafx even if they aren't using it. xPrayer is an example of a script that does it; use it and try to load any script that uses javafx and it will crash.
  2. I have no idea what happened here. It appears the script kept trying to do something but it kept failing to do whatever it wanted to do. Without more information, I'm unsure of if this is a tribot issue, a script issue, or something else. I have never had any reports of this before. I updated the script to take a screenshot the moment it hits 0 hp. If you ever see this again let me know (or see it sitting there doing nothing for some reason, for an extended amount of time).
  3. @Travis Are you able to do this to get the debug instead? I'd like to see the full bot and client debug since the script was started, if possible.
  4. I've added something in that will interrupt the abc2 reaction time sleep if really low hp
  5. Everything in the pictures on the thread is an option in advanced preferences There is an option to world hop when you are crashed in advanced preferences
  6. Added setting java version to use and an arg for only launching profiles. For example, you may want to launch a profile you created from the command line automatically without displaying the gui, you would use the following command: java -jar GraphicalClientStarter.jar -launchprofile last -onlylaunch
  7. Update: Converted code to a maven project Changed from FALSkills unofficial CLI to use TRiBot's new CLI Added LG support Added importing accounts from another save file Added a powerful importing system for text files (view thread first post for details) Added options to specify tribot username/pass/sid Added options to use a custom tribot jar (otherwise uses the latest version it can find) Added an option to hide specific columns, and added in an account password and account pin column This was a rather large update so if anyone experiences a bug please let me know and I'll fix it asap
  8. It would be appreciated if you could type up a bug report on the gitlab for the incorrect key events that you've found so that the tribot keyboard class could be fixed (the devs could also possibly come up with a solution to #2 in your post)
  9. It automatically uses it if you have it in your inventory, please record a gif of what the script is doing
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