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  1. crackingking

    Help setting up looking glass

    No matter what I do i cant seem to get the looking glass to work. I want to be able to bot without having any bans, i will pay for help of course. What are the risks with looking glass? from what i understand it does not even use the client itself?
  2. crackingking

    Common TRiBot Loader Problems

    The tribot client keeps asking me for verificationw with cloudlfare but its not possible for me to click it due to the fact the verification button isnt there and that the screen size cant be maximized. I cant login to client due to this, how can i fix? Look on the right side https://gyazo.com/ef34d318c8b1a1466d570d6a2f5bae8b when i scroll down it doesent verify the image i pick or anything
  3. I can not get the script to work. it just walks the map when i play my account next to goblins to attack them, it runs from the area and doesent know what its doing. How can i contact you for help? do you have skype?
  4. crackingking

    client keeps flicking

    good my friend, good
  5. crackingking

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    client is moving from side to side i cant use any script and today i bought new script 30 day left
  6. crackingking

    client keeps flicking

    ok my friend, how can fix this problem. I no good programming i not knowing fix.
  7. crackingking

    client keeps flicking

    how will i fix it, i dont understand i paid now 10$ credit and buy script
  8. crackingking

    client keeps flicking

    Client is messed up for me, it glitches and jumps right to left. and whitish flickers showing up. How can I fix this?