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  1. It's supposed to do that. Script empties twice with the giant pouch.
  2. I'd be willing to provide feedback as well.
  3. I'm also interested in Brimhaven, please post something if the ticket dispenser detection gets fixed.
  4. This is a thread for OpenOSRS, what do you think?
  5. @Hultz Did you use V3 with recorded laps?
  6. Slave feature still working? Tried to search through the thread but only saw the comment from February saying it only works at natures.
  7. Wildy chins never worked long term for me, red chins are perfect though.
  8. @Netami's Pest Control @daxmagex's daxHunter @erickho123's ExNMZ @Starfox's Sigma Magic Not a whole lot of experience with Zulrah Slayer, but @Worthy's support in that thread is impressive
  9. Set it to defense before you start the script. If you want to change attack styles mid-dream you have to stop the script, change your attack style, then start the script again.
  10. pls trilez god savior of osrs, producer of mobile bot maybe pls fix so i can eat. real hungry no money 4 food. ty also take long myb compensation? idk wuld b cool
  11. In your main weapon ID you need to list all the IDs of Dharok's Greataxe like this because it degrades: 4718,4886,4887,4888,4889,4890.
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