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  1. Does anyone know when we will be refunded for the two week shutdown in early June? We're already in mid-July and I have yet to see a post or discussion for the promised refund VIP/VIP-e and credits for premium scripts we have used. I have tried to post a little on other scripts that I have used but no one seems to have a response. I want to re-sub for some of my scripts but not until I get back the time (and money) lost during the two week shut down. Thanks!
  2. Bro someone just somehow knew exactly where I stashed my potatoes within the 30 seconds it took to switch to my main and grab them. THEN once I got there, the same person appeared within 5 seconds and traded me, showed me all of my tatos, then declined trade and ran away with them. It's a PRETTY big coincidence. I'm probably wrong, and I apologize if I am.
  3. Not sure how, but somehow after attempting to drop-trade from my throw-away acc using this script, someone immediately took my potato loot and knew of the transfer. I feel that the creator of this script is tracking accounts and monitoring them. I highly suggest staying away from this script.
  4. Anyone know when we are gunna be reimbursed for the 2 weeks we lost in June? I don't want to re-buy this script without my refund first.
  5. Okay, now I'm a little pissed off. I had left the script running for no more than 45 minutes and made sure i put 200k into the Dominik's coffer. When I come back, all of my money has magically vanished! There is no indication of starting other games or finishing them early. In fact, it's just not possible to have even completed one, single game in that time period. My setup had been 9 overloads, one rockcake, and the rest absorptions. I'm only more so pissed-off because that was my last 200k I had in my bank. All It had in the script debug was a bunch of "sending new update feedback" or something along those lines. Very, very upset.
  6. Agreed, anyone botting more than 4-5 hours is just asking for a ban. I personally would have liked to push it much more, but I've had great progress so I'm just going to continue using baby steps. I've had good success only botting when Jagex working hours are done, using LG, and only playing for a few hours at a time with breaks and real playing. You have to bot smart, otherwise your account you are using is just a suicide bot. Period.
  7. Can we get some more Ranged support? I've been Dharok'ing fairly well, but really would like to work on ranged. From the comments, I'm very tentative until the Dev can patch any small bugs with it.
  8. Just restarted my comp, and seems like that did the trick.
  9. Still get this when trying to use LG and OSBuddy client [13:28:12] TRiBot Release 9.305_4 loaded. (1.8.0_131:C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_131\jre) [13:28:12] Loading human mouse movement data. [13:28:14] Successfully loaded human mouse data. [13:28:17] AGENT PATH: C:\Users\DEREKW~1\AppData\Local\Temp\t1_agent_1093050400.jar
  10. LG doesn't seem to work on OSBuddy.
  11. I do agree that bitching and unprecedented anger on these forums aren't needed. However, it is definitely justified for many of us that have VIP-e and buy premium scripts to be sorely disappointed and frustrated. The lack of communication is pitiful on their end and simply the amount of time it is taking to fix this. I can agree it would certainly take time to fix, but its been broken since the 25th of May and many scripts don't even have month subs. If you have a 14 day sub (like I do for some of the scripts I purchased) this is already more than 50% down time. I'm sorry but it's unacceptable at this point.
  12. Although I know they want to be thorough, it has been over a week now. Getting somewhat impatient.
  13. Yeah @killer12333, before this bullshit with RS just fucking with their entire coding, Nightmare was working perfectly fine. Someone who has never botted before will surely run into problems if they don't actually read the instructions and tutorial. I was having issues with the script at first, but then once I realized it was literally just an I.D error on my part, it worked beautifully. Everyone here is right, and I'm not nearly as good with programming as these people are, but you need to understand just how difficult making everything work perfectly is. He's an active scripter, and has always been good with response time. You need to either wait (if using looking glass), or even until all the bugs are entirely worked out for the app, or actually take the time to learn how to properly set up the script. I share with the frustration of the other members here. You cant blame the scripter (which works perfectly for everyone else) when it's clearly your own purposeful ignorance.
  14. That's my plan too, I would say. Maybe I'll run some suicide bots on the regular client with a VPN to at least make some gold farming runs.
  15. Do you all suggest waiting until there is a patch for LG to minimize potential ban? Or would it not make a huge difference at this point?
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