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  1. fony


    Buying BTC 1:1
  2. fony

    Client issue

    Trying to run script (only client open) says: Since you are not VIP, you can only run one script But I don't have any other instances open
  3. There is a trial you can use, https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/344-assume-staker/
  4. could be 1 or 2, maybe 1/4
  5. Yep, fixed before you responded! Thanks though
  6. @Encoded this script has been amazing till today, it is just broken. I start it up and it just doesn't run. Heres the log: https://pastebin.com/qtHvdiWM Try to get this fixed as fast as possible <3
  7. Title, going first, pm me need quick
  8. suck him off more I dare you
  9. fony

    6.5 credits

    Perfect! I got it, before I didn't see it there
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