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  1. buying osrs bond




  2. legit gold buyer seller and swapper! :D recommend him to anyone

  3. Skrizzly

    Start/stop script buttons greyed out

  4. Skrizzly

    [FREE] SPX FlaxPicker [1000+ FLAX/HR]

    Perfect for DMM botting, thank you <3
  5. Was running 24/7 all acounts on weekend and only few banned, but I believe they all will be banned in 2-3 days
  6. Not sure if its going to change something maybe there will be less crying farmers lol
  7. Who has 100 bots? I dont believe it is possible to manage 100 accounts with these prices. Learn to use GE, stay patient. If you are buying coals for 260 then yeah, your profit is 0. You can allways think how to get coals in other ways And please, stop crying everyone, once Weath cleans BF it will be okey again:)
  8. Weath seems to be AFK, he was not using his twitter for few days, thats why everything is so fcked up
  9. Skrizzly

    Blue Dragon script.

    Becouse only people who have VIP have money lol
  10. I believe price will be more than 500gp in 1-2 days just before weekend. If it wont I will be looking for a good cannon ball maker script.
  11. I just avoid this time (9-5 british time) like many other botters. So not all 120 bots are mine
  12. Its less than 60 accounts now(just wanted to test it on weekend) but anyway I have already done it btw, if you all are crying about the prices its your fault, becouse I am not rush selling http://prntscr.com/82rwsa