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  1. please update, it's been 3 days now.
  2. people using world hopper are continually stuck in deadman worlds, can this please be updated. thank you
  3. Any word on when hopping to deadman worlds will be fixed? Through tribot update that is
  4. Amazing script, have been using it for awhile. If you're looking to make some gp fast and safe, this is definitely the script for you. Great job Erick!
  5. same problem
  6. Something I've noticed, I keep finding my accounts logged off. After logging them back in I am noticing their not finding the NPC to trade because the camera angle is too high, it used to rotate downwards, but it's not doing that. I have to manually do it, I worry this is creating a high risk for bans. I've been using this script for 6 months and have never had this problem, it's happened 10x today.
  7. Becoming very annoying
  8. same issue, please fix