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  1. RuneLite… ive never used is that shit ez to do? im not good at this shit man my shit aint even opening right. anyone know what file should open tribot.jar? is it the jdk18.____w/e one or what? sorry im stupid at this shit man thanks for the help
  2. Ya thanks man sorry I meant when I run it with JDK it doesn't work which is what I use for LG. When I run non-LG with JRE like it was my first time hoppin on the site u know just download and run lol worked fine. Idk I've tried a lot of different shit remopving files installing again I might try 32-bit osbuddy but now I think I fucked around made it worse now my tribot wont open lol life alert fallin and I cant get up. Looks like you the dude to talk to tho u a Masterbotter 1.4k posts plz help I'm dumb just wanna get some stats and go rek some scrubs for bank u know ty
  3. Hey Tribot people thanks for any feedback you can give me I get this screen everytime I try to run osbuddy then tribot LG. I've tried checking for Java updates, I've uninstalled and reinstalled both osbuddy and tribot and same issue. this is what its showing thank you for any help!! EDIT: So when I load it without LG it loads fine using JRE. It's just LG that is giving me issues it seems EDIT 2: bad at technology, made it worse. anyone wanna help me out on what file location to open LG with ik its one the JDK ones mine aint workin tho :S
  4. awesome I really really appreciate the quick feedback man and the free script. If there's any more info you need from me about the issue just let me know would be glad to PM you a video/picture of what it's clicking on. I also found that when I set the min speed higher it tends to mess up less because it clicks the butler faster after the first dialogue box saying "heres the items you wanted".
  5. Hey man thanks for the quick reply! Ya the script seems to try to use that option "call servant" when he strays too far but instead it clicks above that on the "don't render doors" option. It looks like its clicking in the right spot but a bit too high up on the options menu. I'm not sure if its because I use LG or not though but I can show you a screenshot if that would help. Thanks again for the great script though man!
  6. hey man! Thanks for the script I really like it and has helped me get my construction up quite a bit only suggestion I would have is that once you get the planks from the butler the script presses the "ok" or enter button after the dialogue "master I have brought what you requested" or whatever when he gives you the planks. After he presses ok then the butler sometimes walks off and the script will stop working but if you could make it so that instead of clicking thru the dialogue instead the script just clicked the butler again while he has that message up to retrieve more planks from bank then the butler wouldn't have a chance to start wandering. Other than that the script works great especially for babysitting it so thanks again! I can provide a video of what I mean if that's not clear just let me know
  7. ^ this please I really wanna use it but don't wanna lose my already small b0nk if it is still outdated
  8. ok great thanks for the quick reply bud! I'll try the trial version out first see how it does for me on LG Update: seems to work fine for me on LG based on the free trial. I just set retaliate to on so if I get stuck then I might not help the team much but atleast I can get the leach points killing random shit lol.
  9. hey! great looking script man and good on you for updating/keeping people posted after their purchase, I always like to see that I just had 2 questions for ya as I'm am considering buying: 1. will this script work with looking glass? (Looking glass has done wonders for me before and would reallllly like to be able to use that with your script) and 2. is it currently up and running properly in general? (cause I'd hate for my 2 week auth to runout before I get my void ) thanks for the support man!
  10. thanks for the work fellas that's why I always come back to tribot just wondering, not to be a cheap bastard but do we get an extra day added for the downtime?
  11. from my experience (which is why I have continued to use Tribot) they're really quick at solving issues and they usually will add on extra days to your subscription if they aren't able to get it up and running fast enough.
  12. ya... no agility or woodcut scripts are working for me with or without looking glass
  13. is this script fully functional right now (5/9/18) ? considering buying but don't want to buy if its not up and running but it looks really good! Any input from users who have used it recently would be greatly appreciated!
  14. great especially for a free script, thank you very much! Only issue that I've encountered is with the demon butler its a bit glitchy keeps taking stuff out the larder cause its going a little bit too slow compared to how quick the butler gets back but I've switched back to dueling ring method still getting 80k+ xp per hour. Edit: Went from 10-65 construction in no time using this script with minimal issues, most the time left it running for an hour + without any issues whatsoever, definitely recommend. Thanks again appreciate the free script!
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