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  1. Accepting, credits, osrs gp, pp, venmo or cash app!
  2. I dont suppose you could make a temp fix to click on coal at west falador?
  3. Great guide, I'd strongly recommend everyone stay clear of Virmach. They are overpriced and have the most disrespect towards their customers. Adding on to that.. They are ip's are all given within the same range, literally just numbers apart. They are said to be the most monitored ips out there by other botting communities I am apart of. Don't make the same mistake I did with them.
  4. As a member of both community's I would never use any other bot besides Tribot. If you're looking for a more active fourm for communication then osbot has it but as @guywithlsd said it's a bunch of manchilds.
  5. How much are you paying p mill?
  6. I’m talking about the price and shitty customer support. I just stepped my game up today with a 32gb vps woop woop
  7. Does this give osrs membership? nvm, didn't know it was expired.
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