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  1. MrBotit


    What do you mean? You can make a dispute if shit you received isn't as described which applies in this case I guess. You were probably talking about making a dispute that you didn't authorise the transaction? In that case you're probably right
  2. If script was outdated and not shitty you'd have a point here yes Don't be so butthurt it's not like I called you retarded. Made better script in 5 min soz
  3. Script is fucking retarded mate. Pretty sad not even simple script like that is good even if free.
  4. what's the point of having this site where operators don't respond for half an hour and misleading with your "all payment methods"???
  5. I'd be happy to make some rep and cash if it's still avalible
  6. Hi guys I just came back to botting after a long break and I was wondering how safe is this client? Like how frequent bans are. I've also considered making myself a color only script if that won't work. So any suggestions?
  7. Well... that's why I've asked for rough average.
  8. Hi guys I'm new here! I was successfuly running a color only script farm a while ago and now I've figred why not try something new so here I am. So the question is how long do these updates usualy take? I'm asking this because if it's like 3 days then that's almost a half of week which would greatly cut into my profits given that I would run a p2p farm. If update time isn't as long I'm looking forward to scripting and I will probably work towards script writer rank. That's all
  9. Thanks for the reply! I must have missed this option and thought I can only buy with pp from other users. You can delete this topic
  10. Hey guys I'm new here and I want to buy some credits. I got 10,20$ on paypal. Don't know the exact rates but If I could get 9 or 8 for this price it would be awesome. Post here/pm your offers
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