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  1. operating system : windows 10 java version : 1.8.0_131 issue im having : heres the link its an issue with tribot client http://gph.is/2qlCTlx
  2. Last location before getting banned?:GE Skill botted?: i wasnt botting Breaks or no? yes when i botted always had breaks If so how long?: from 20mins to 3-4 hours How long did you bot per day?: 3-4 hours max and the bots lagged alot so you can remove 1.5 hr Banned before?: never Type of ban?: bot busting moderate 48 hrs ban VPS/VPN/Proxy?: No Scripts Used? masterchopper aio , master aio fletcher Other Bots Used?: None How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: 19-05-2017 Fresh account/ like one week but i have 29 qp and did some long quests almost all the time baby sitting and chatting with people etc.. note : i used autoclicker which made me think that might be the reason cause i only got banned for 48 hours , true ?
  3. it worked for like 2 hours and after that it misses a step always , it uses the strings on the lonbows(u) and doesnt select make all just keep on using the string on the longbows
  4. Having some issues when trying to log in please help http://tinypic.com/r/2vbvkev/9
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