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  1. Turns out I am stupid. I made the assumption that my already verified paypal needed reverified. Mods, please delete this thread. Thanks Phat Shock for the response.
  2. Anyone having problems launching client on OS X Yosemite after update ? Won't launch at all for me.
  3. What's the deal with that ? Can't even see GUI. http://imgur.com/G73Za8K
  4. The script has trouble navigating the inner Abyss whilst crafting cosmics. Almost constantly ends up stuck, requiring a manual camera adjust to free it. You should look into implementing some sort of fail safe in this instance because Abyss crafting isn't usable in this state.
  5. It's been a little while since anyone posted. Just thought I would let you all know that as of today script is still running flawlessly.
  6. Got 99 hunt today using this. No screenshot unfortunately but highly recommend the script. Cheers
  7. Script is great, although I am having 2 issues. I've died twice, unfortunately. I always keep the glory but instead of teleporting back to edge it ends up in some random location. It has trouble finding an axe sometimes. Will constantly deposit and withdraw traps, debug "Need an axe", even though there are over 100 mith in the bank.
  8. Runs flawlessly. Recommend not checking for snakes for maximum exp.
  9. Added you on skype to discuss an idea.
  10. It works. Few things (constructive criticism) ; 1. Lack of fail safes - will withdraw food specified in gui even if food already in inventory. 2. Lack of anti ban - rotate camera and move mouse while in combat, check stats, same camera rotation while walking from bank etc. 3. Post random events - Script will become confused and stop working after certain randoms. Procedure needs work ( ALOT of work, considering spending long periods of time in this area will flag your account ) 4. Looting while in combat - Work on looting procedure so that it wont loot while in combat. 5. ID herbs once they are picked up. 6. Regenerate health when banking - useful for 1 defence characters. Overall it works, cudos to the scripter. Very bot like. But it can definitely be improved and I believe it will be over time. Just my constructive and in no way negative feedback.
  11. Purchased and added on skyple
  12. The script has detected a pumpkin in an area it cannot reach. This usually happens in Yanille.