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  1. Thank you, all I need is answers, Ill check that post. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have been using your script for a bit now and I noticed a few issues. Issue one: On the Jad phase, the bot switches prayers correctly but, many times it has sat through the jad phase trying to switch equipment. Furthermore, causing the script to stand idle, switching back and forth from the prayers/ item switching. Shouldn't the script allow the ability to switch before the phase comes? is the script supposed to switch before or during? because a lot of the time it is during the phase and I lose out on loads of dps. This issue has added many minutes to my kills 1-2 minutes, sometimes 3, hindering my ability to make over 1.3m an hour sometimes. The accounts are nearly max stats with all the tricks in the bag/ anguish/torment/ROS/etc (no ancestral or arma yet). This may be all caused by my optimization. What are the optimized settings? I've been running my own, but think there should be a post that at least describes what each setting does in depth, not just saying " A does b, b does c." for example, explaining the hp %. if I put "eat at 70%" of my hp, and my hp is at 99, what will it eat at? will It eat a 49 or 50? Will I die at 49 if I get hit with a 51? Yes. Will I die if I get hit with a 51 at 50 hp? Yes. These things are not necessary, but it is nice to have an in depth description of whats happening with the bot. Issue two: Standing idle at clan wars for 1-3 hours+. Issue two is more concerning because it happens about every 2-3 days, but can get the accounts running the script banned swiftly. (The Bot has sat at clan wars for 1-3+ hours with the "stop after no exp gain" on too, so that is not the issue.) I'm not sure on why these things keep occurring and would like to know the best optimization settings. P.S. I have checked the bot debug tab, there is nothing out of the ordinary that would cause this. P.S.S. You're a god, your bot rocks.
  3. Blackjack does not lure, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but it doesn't lure and it world hops way too many times. Any help?
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