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  1. Last location before getting banned?: Karamja cave training on Jogres where nobody ever goes. Skill botted?: Defense Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: ranging between 6 and 12 hours a day. Was only the 3rd day botting defense though. How long did you bot per day?: between 12 and 18 hours. Banned before?: Yes, botting ban that expired in 2011. Type of ban?: Moderate bot busting 2 day ban. VPS/VPN/Proxy?: no Scripts Used? JJ's AIO Fighter Pro Other Bots Used?: No. How many bots at a time were being run?: 1. Date banned?: 5/19/2016 Fresh account/Days acc used?: 10+ Year old account. Banned using JJ's AIO fighter but not before getting 76-99 range and 40-80+ defense. Can't complain. Won't ever bot on this account again!
  2. Did this immediately after i got cleaned, just started back playing so i didn't even look into all that before i started again.
  3. Was not aware of this, but further research leads me to believe that this was probably the way that they did this, especially because the script abruptly stopped and i was logged out all withing 10 minutes of me looking at the bot last, which i didn't think of until just now. Yep, it all makes sense now. Because the tribot was on leakedsource and i wasn't thinking about the password being the same i was wondering how in the hell they got my username, and that's how. Bot panel. AH! Thank you so much.
  4. Checked, can't find anything on any usernames or emails having anything to do with my Runescape account. I'm really wanting to believe that YoHo is right and i'm sure he is, I just literally have no idea how this could be possible. I've been to nothing but big name websites that are non-Runescape related, and then Tribot, Runescape, OSbuddy. Only things i've downloaded are Tor, OSbuddy, Runescape, Tribot, Chrome, Itunes. Going to do several scans just because, but my mind is boggled.
  5. Alright, so i'm not really sure where to post this but today is my second day back using Tribot (or any bot for that matter) in a LONG time. After about 5 hours of botting i logged out and tried to log right back in to find out that my account was already logged into. Thinking it was just Runescape being stupid i logged in and didn't catch the previous IP address or anything(probably on VPN anyways) but my account was cleaned. Wasn't a whole lot on there thankfully maybe 10m or so, but i have only used the "aMiner" about 2 weeks ago for like 30 minutes and then today i have been using the "JJ AIO Fighter". I am not on any other websites related to anything Runescape, and i don't download or click things that would get me keylogged or anything of that sort. I'm also on a 2-day old brand new laptop. I don't know what the source of me being hacked was, just giving you guys a heads up that something on here cleaned my account. ****EDIT**** Figured out how i was hacked. Nothing to do with the kind people of Tribot or the scripters(which i learned is impossible anyways). Changing all account information, gonna try to be a little less stoopid next time
  6. that's what i'm saying, i'm only running one single bot, not multiple. I saw a tip on here that this problem can be solved by pressing kill on the instance manager and restarting the client but it has done me no good. Every 15 minutes it keeps shutting down.
  7. I'm only running one bot, one account, only one tab open. I went to the instance manager and pressed "kill" on the instance but it keeps doing it still.
  8. Every few minutes the script stops with the message "The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script(1). What is this? A bug that needs to be fixed or something that i can fix myself? Thanks.
  9. I'm loving this good nigga ass shiett! Be bottin all mffukan daiy lyk fuk ye bro! But seriously, my bot goes for 10 hours easy and usually only crashes because of a runescape update other than that, the strange plant could be better so it's not so obvious who's botting but loving it atm.
  10. Thanks. I'll add a fix. I'll look into something like this. Thanks for the info. What version of TRiBot are you using? A lot of those bugs you listed have been fixed. Really thankful you've started updating and letting us know what's going on, bot's getting alot better ran for 10 hrs straight last night! Thanks!
  11. Yeah, this is getting ridiculous.
  12. FUCKING FUCK. You do realize that once another bot comes out that's actually decent or atleast give updates everyone's going to leave this bot unless you do something right? So FFS, DO SOMETHING! Soon there's going to be free bots better than this one and your monthly-updated bot is going to go down the shitter. So take EVERYONES advice, and fucking update.
  13. What in the actual FUCK. Look what i just got to come home to windows 7 screen shot 11 people in frog random for a couple of hours? Not suspicious at all.
  15. I'm seriously tired of waiting.. hopefully another bot that atleast lets their users know what's going on will come out soon.