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  1. This script was running fine for me a couple weeks ago, but now every time after it lays a bird snare and it catches or fails it goes back and tries to lay another bird snare without picking up the first one.
  2. What exactly is ABCL10?

    Thanks for the link, I think I understand now.
  3. What exactly is ABCL10?

    I tried searching the forums but I still can't figure out what exactly ABCL10 does... could someone enlighten me? Because I'm wondering if it's even useful for a script that stands in the bank the whole time.
  4. Arctic's an awesome guy... got me 8 credits for 10.4mill. Thanks!
  5. Buying 8 credits, 1.3mill each.

    You must have 100 post count to sell credits BTW.
  6. Is this script still having problems? I heard it was fixed, and I'm having no troubles w/ birds but I'm wondering for when I reach a higher hunter level for hunting chinchompas.
  7. Gold Farm Question.

    What do you mean, running your own server? I want to know how to do this if it's possible.
  8. Bots filling vials with water?

    Not all f2p methods, ive been botting making pastry dough and pie shells 10+ hours a day on f2p and havn't been banned. (using begs cooker). It's all about how far you have to travel in the game probably because Jagex detects pathing used the same by 100s of accounts so if you stay near the same areas or buy personal scripts you'll probably be good.
  9. Bots filling vials with water?

    I'm not sure if you can see the animation of them filling the vials with water... because if it's jugs they are filling, well they run for 14 coins each and you can fill them very fast. Still a poor method of making money but probably a low ban rate so noobs do it.
  10. [Reddit] Jagex, we need to talk.

    I hope Jagex cracks down on botting, because then the best clients like tribot will be the only ones left and there will be less bots in the game, so prices will go up.