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  1. Bought this script last night. Had this same problem. Start did nothing and sometimes wouldn't put the green box around the detected build object. I am starting from level 1 and never done construction before so no idea what im doing but i got it working. 1. I deleted the .tribot folder in userdata/roaming 2. You have to manually build the "first" object you are trying to bot and then start the bot while its building. Refer to W's gif in the OP instructions. 3. Make sure you have the correct inventory as per instructions in OP. I've only got the planks, nails, saw and hammer and it runs to the bank no worries. 4. Level 20 in 10 minutes living the dream cheers m8
  2. i ran this script for just a few minutes hitting tuna at catherby, I observed the mouse snap onto the cooking range faster then a fucking trigger aimbot on csgo and turned it off immediately. stay the fuck away
  3. What are my options if I pay for a script that flat out does not work and there is no discussion on this script since 2014 as per the above link. Its actually really confusing because the repository indicated this Master Thiever AIO script is extremely popular but it does not work for me. Maybe this script is fantastic doing certain things but my character sits there holding his dick when asked to steal silk and fur from ardougne and I've tried tinkering with every combination of settings in the initial setup menu of the script. Am I missing something? Im happy for pay for a script but goddamn I'd like to get a refund if it doesn't work as advertised. Is there an option for this? And yes all other scripts work great
  4. This bot doesnt work. At least trying to thieve stalls at ardougne it doesn't. Just sits there doing nothing if im trying to thieve fur and the script eventaully stops. If i thieve silk it thieves one load and banks a load then the script stops lol Is this a troll script? I paid $10 or whatever for lifetime and it doesn't even work. Is refund possible?
  5. Not banned yet but probs will on my 70 WC F2p yew farmer. Set the bot up and hit start and immeadiatly got distracted to play dota and shutdown VNC connection. VERY long game of dota, come back 2 hours later and my bot is endlessly trying to enter members area @ falador gate coz i must have told it to go to seers village instead of grand exhcnage LOL fuck me. That motherfucker was dedicated as shit, it wasn't gonna stop clicking on that fucking gate for nothing. My only concern is that 2 days ago, i accidentally left my VPN off when logged in so they would have matched the IP to my main, which I also bot on but not as much. Probs fucked.
  6. So I got this 2nd account botting fishing, wcing and mining mainly. Also did some combat stats hitting cows. Using a vpn while playing on my media server and just vnc to it check it. Usually bot for an hour at a time although the other night I let it go cutting yews overnight lol. Im surprised im not banned yet. Even though im not suiciding, everything I do is bot-like. Anyone here have long term success botting f2p? What do you with it if its not your main? Im just faming these yews for some easy simple profits.
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