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  1. Greetings Sumimashen, Feel free to try out our services, remember we're always offer 30days money back guarantee, if in case somehow you won't be satisfied. Sincerely Team VPSnet.com
  2. Thank you for all the work and trust on us, we are looking forward a New Year filled with more work and opportunities from You!
  3. We just increased resources and lowered our prices, be sure to check it out!
  4. (SALE REMINDER) VPSnet.com reminds about still ongoing 50 % sale of all our VPS servers
  5. Currently we were forced to withdraw Payza from our payment method lists. We apologise if this causes inconvenience.
  6. We are increasing IPv6 prefix for each VPS server. Please contact us for further support.
  7. Hello Mithrilman, We offer 30-day money back guarantee, so please feel free to check it by Yourself. Sincerelly VPSnet
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